Surviving the Shopping Madness.

Oh the silly season is upon us. It has crept up unknowingly and very suddenly it seems but here it is nonetheless. It's December already and Christmas shopping MUST be done. Surprisingly enough I've already made a start! I'm really impressed with myself. Time, like cash, is a commodity that is in very short supply for me right now so I gotta be organised and be prepared this Christmas. On both my Christmas shopping forays so far I made sure to bring some important items with me: my credit cards and my detailed shopping list!

Although I bring the cash I've saved for Christmas shopping I always bring my credit card too. Just in case. You just never know. It actually came in so handy on the very first trip! My mother needed a new coat and I saw the perfect one for her but had no spare cash. Knowing that I wouldn't have time to go back another day it was great to be able to just buy it and be done. Phew..another job off my never ending list.

The detailed shopping list is a must too. Shopping and me don't get on very well. We tolerate each other. Shopping and stores like to confuse me with lots of choices. I should NEVER be given lots of choices, it literally melts my brain! So I list suggestions for each person then I plan the shops I'm going into and exactly what 'm looking for in each one. It's working a dream so far. In fact on my second trip I managed to buy ten presents in just one hour. Now there's an exercise in time management!

Christmas is a very busy and expensive time for us here at chez Jazzy so cash as well as time must be managed wisely. Not only is it silly season but WiiBoy's birthday is a mere three days before Christmas Day! So I've allocated Christmas Present buying money and have points and cash saved for the Christmas supermarket shop. My faithful friend, Mr Credit Card, will come in handy for contribution to Santa Claus (yes...the big jolly man in the bright red suit does indeed accept plastic!) and for WiiBoy's birthday present and party. Of course it will also come in so handy for all  those unexpected purchases and meals out over the festive season. Really helps to spread the cost.

But a word of warning as you're out and about shopping in these difficult times........ mind your property.

Keep a close eye on your handbags, purses, wallets, cash and credit cards.

Ensure the shop assistants or waiting staff bring the credit card machine to you and not take it away somewhere. 

Always be conscious of where you put your credit card after making a purchase, don't just absent mindedly put it away. Okay...this one is for me! I regularly do this and cause mayhem as everyone in shop gets caught up in my drama!

NEVER bring your credit card with you when you're doing your recycling.

What? You're confused about my last pointer?

Well, okay.... this one refers to me too. Not only do I involve everyone in the shop in my dramas I also...ahem....involve the recycling staff! On a recent recycling trip, when I thought (yeah, thought) I'd brought my purse containing my credit card with me, the Recycling Man got more involved then he wished. Yeah.....he ended up in the HUGE plastic recycling bin looking for my purse that I thought I'd brought with me! Poor Mr Recycling Man. He's a lovely guy, very helpful. In fact he's been involved in our missing dog dramas too! After numerous phone calls I finally found the purse at home! About five minutes after I'd made the call to cancel the credit card!!

Sod's Law eh?.

Should be renamed Jazzy's Law.

Think I've earned that title after all my antics to date!

Learn from these antics of mine Dear Readers.

And mind your your bags and credit cards this Christmas ;-)

Happy shopping!!

xx Jazzy

Note: This was a sponsored post, thank you for reading.


  1. I can't cope with too much choice either! And congrats again on another sponsored post that is a good read and made me click through to see who was sponsoring it: result huh!

  2. Oh Jazzy..we are kindred spirits..I too involve virtual strangers in the drama of "I can't find my credit card!!!" Having had my identity stolen once and thousands of dollars charged against me AND having to enlist an attorney...*sigh* your tips are well worth paying attention to. I hope the rest of your shopping goes smoothly..Does Wiiboy dislike his birthday being so close to Christmas??

  3. Excellent advice, on the back of bitter experience. I've managed to avoid lots of hassle this year by doing most of my shopping on-line tho...way easier!
    I'm a great one for chucking my cards into my bag too and then having a nice little panic.

  4. That is hysterical!!! Well, you must have been very upset and yes, the poor recycling guy. But one day you will look back on it and laugh.

    I, like you, wanted to just get it all done at once. So I actually did the crazy Black Friday shopping (not sure if you have that in Ireland). I got almost every single gift crossed off my list THAT day, saved a ton of money, and have been able to relax now. Usually I am frantically going her and there and all over the place the last 2 weeks before the day.

  5. Ten gifts in one hour? You're my hero. We do a lot of online shopping, but there is just no avoiding the stores. Now if I could just find someone to wrap up the gifts for me...
    Enjoy your shopping - hopefully you'll be done in no time with your excellent organization this year!

  6. Sounds like me, losing the purse and thinking that it is in the is something that I would do.

  7. Oh Jazzy, I laughed at the mental image of the recycling man and your purse. What are you like girl!! Jen

  8. All I want to say is:...



  9. @BLUE SKY: Thanks for your very kind comment :-)

    @KATHLEEN: Good to know I'm not alone! Oh dear, what a horrible thing to happen to you. Wiiboy doesn't seem to mind too much. He doesn't lose out, gets 2 presents so he's happy! He's spoiled...only child, only Grandchild on one side and the youngest on the other!

    @JEAN: I can't do online shopping either... you wanna see me do a grocery shop! It's seriously no quicker for me! It is sooo annoying, always distractedly putting things away....

    @MTTB: Sure I'm laughing at it already! Mr Jazzy wasn't too happy that I had to cancel the cards though!! No... we don't have Black Friday over here. Now I'm curious.... and jealous 'cos you are all sorted!!

    @SUNSHINE MAMA: Oh, it all came to a standstill after I wrote this post due to a week of snow! But I'm back on track now!

    @LORA: Thank GOD I'm not the only one who does that!

    @JEN: I'M a hopeless case Jen!

    @NAN P: A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;-)

    Thank you all so much for your comments which are so appreciated!

    xx Jazzy

  10. Sound advice here. I have a very detailed list and have even been known to plan my route round the shops. Anything to make shopping more bearable!


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