To Sir With Love.....

It's almost two weeks now since we attended a very special and highly emotive Mass, followed by a party in a very posh house, to wish a lovely, charismatic man well in his retirement. Yes, our beloved and extremely supportive school principal, Mr C has now officially retired.

It is safe to say that there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Many eloquent words were spoken on the night by people more eloquent than I. Some of his co-workers, including the incoming new principal Mr H,  spoke so highly and eloquently about him as did two guests in the congregation. Mary Hanafin, who gives a very amusing speech at Panto-time each year, gave her usual clever repartee. She was preceded by our local politician Eamon Gilmore, who's children also attended the school and who gave an equally clever and amusing speech! Both of course were hilariously upstaged by our Panto Dame who made a special appearance on the night! Oh yes she did!

There really isn't much else I can say about this man that hasn't already been said. However I really feel the need to devote a post to him to express how his passion for education, children and inclusion has had a huge impact on our lives.

Come and meet our illustrious Mr C....

As I've already said he is a man passionate about education, the children (and the special children) and he is also just as passionate about The Blues, BB King and Elvis Presley!

He works hard for the children, the school and the community at large and always has an eye on the bigger picture.

Inclusion for Mr C doesn't just apply to the special children, oh no. It extends to all areas of the school and the greater community including providing support for the local Tidy Towns and Scan Magazine, to name but two examples.

He has adorned the corridor walls with pictures of the children involved in momentous occasions and also with copies of very newsworthy items, usually of historic value, appearing in newspapers.

He is a fun guy who sends you funny jokes by text and whose ringtone on his phone is a jazzy little number....    I always feel the need to dance when I hear that phone going off when I'm in his office! A real ice-breaker I would think, if at a difficult meeting!

He is also likely to send you a text when least expected, telling you where he is and what he's usually involves climbing a mountain or two and having a well earned glass of red!

Mr C is a very, very VERY busy man who has to organise himself well to get jobs done. However he is so busy that he doesn't have time to access a computer, choosing instead to rely on his good ole faithful manual computer..... his Clipboard!! Seriously! It is a very effective system too, I must say and prompted the lead picture for this post!

As terribly busy as the man is he always makes time for you. His door is always open.

Mr C co-founded the Panto with our Panto Dame 15 years ago, so I guess it's fair to say that he's passionate about Panto too. He has taken an onstage role in every production..... except this one :-(

I have been involved, in one way and another, in most of the Panto productions and it is through Panto that I have gotten to know him.

It was through Panto that I decided that any child of mine would attend this school. This decision was based on two events that resonated strongly with me.

I distinctly remember in the very first panto I did, when WiiBoy wasn't even a twinkle in anyone's eye, being in the dressing room classroom alone with him whilst everyone else was on stage. We had a fascinating conversation in which he waxed lyrical about English, reading and educating the children.

The second event occurs every year, when I see this bearded Principal willing to take to the stage in whatever costume his role dictates. A bear? A Giant? An Ape? A ...Nurse? No problem for the all inclusive Mr C!

Then to see the response he gets from the children in the audience....and the subsequent respect these performances elicit the very next day from the same children, as he passes through the school corridors,  is absolutely astounding.

Who wouldn't want their child to attend a school led by such an all embracing Principal?

Soon after that decision was made by me, our beloved WiiBoy made his appearance into our lives!

For obvious reasons my dream of  my child attending this school was not to be......initially.

By this time I could consider Mr C to be a friend.

True friends are honest.

I approached him and asked about the possibility of WiiBoy attending the school. At this stage we had just received a diagnosis and we're trying to find the right placement for him.

My friend took one look at my child running (constantly running) and screaming through the corridors at a Panto rehearsal and bluntly, yet respectively, told me no.

An honest friend indeed.

Shortly after that the same honest friend arranged, from his hospital bed, to have WiiBoy assessed by one of the teachers.

That teacher said no too.

And that decision was the one that pushed us into attending the special school and in the process opened many doors for us. For that we are truly grateful.

One of those doors opened was the door to our principal's school within 12 months.

Which only goes to prove that Mr C's door is always open.

Even when it's (seemingly) closed.

It also goes to prove that he always puts the children first.

Especially the special children.

So, thank you Mr C. You have achieved a lot in your illustrious career that you can be proud of and our case is just one more!

You once told me that you tell everyone you meet about our success story. Let me remind you what I said in reply...that I always tell everyone I meet about you and your inclusive school ;-)

You may now hang up your clipboard and go forth into your retirement Mr C, secure in the knowledge that you have served a school and it's wider community well over your 38 years.

We shall miss you hugely in school your door was always open.

We shall miss you greatly in Panto matters. Who will help us when we run into difficulty and. more importantly.... who will help us run amok keep us under control at the wrap party??!!

Not to worry. You have left us in very capable hands ;-)

So, from the Jazzys to the Jazz Man......

Slan go foill a chara,
 Eiri an bothar leat
 Agus dul na cnoic √©asca ar ort!

And don't forget to send us a text now and then ;-)

xx Jazzy

Surviving the Shopping Madness.

Oh the silly season is upon us. It has crept up unknowingly and very suddenly it seems but here it is nonetheless. It's December already and Christmas shopping MUST be done. Surprisingly enough I've already made a start! I'm really impressed with myself. Time, like cash, is a commodity that is in very short supply for me right now so I gotta be organised and be prepared this Christmas. On both my Christmas shopping forays so far I made sure to bring some important items with me: my credit cards and my detailed shopping list!

Although I bring the cash I've saved for Christmas shopping I always bring my credit card too. Just in case. You just never know. It actually came in so handy on the very first trip! My mother needed a new coat and I saw the perfect one for her but had no spare cash. Knowing that I wouldn't have time to go back another day it was great to be able to just buy it and be done. Phew..another job off my never ending list.

The detailed shopping list is a must too. Shopping and me don't get on very well. We tolerate each other. Shopping and stores like to confuse me with lots of choices. I should NEVER be given lots of choices, it literally melts my brain! So I list suggestions for each person then I plan the shops I'm going into and exactly what 'm looking for in each one. It's working a dream so far. In fact on my second trip I managed to buy ten presents in just one hour. Now there's an exercise in time management!

Christmas is a very busy and expensive time for us here at chez Jazzy so cash as well as time must be managed wisely. Not only is it silly season but WiiBoy's birthday is a mere three days before Christmas Day! So I've allocated Christmas Present buying money and have points and cash saved for the Christmas supermarket shop. My faithful friend, Mr Credit Card, will come in handy for contribution to Santa Claus (yes...the big jolly man in the bright red suit does indeed accept plastic!) and for WiiBoy's birthday present and party. Of course it will also come in so handy for all  those unexpected purchases and meals out over the festive season. Really helps to spread the cost.

But a word of warning as you're out and about shopping in these difficult times........ mind your property.

Keep a close eye on your handbags, purses, wallets, cash and credit cards.

Ensure the shop assistants or waiting staff bring the credit card machine to you and not take it away somewhere. 

Always be conscious of where you put your credit card after making a purchase, don't just absent mindedly put it away. Okay...this one is for me! I regularly do this and cause mayhem as everyone in shop gets caught up in my drama!

NEVER bring your credit card with you when you're doing your recycling.

What? You're confused about my last pointer?

Well, okay.... this one refers to me too. Not only do I involve everyone in the shop in my dramas I also...ahem....involve the recycling staff! On a recent recycling trip, when I thought (yeah, thought) I'd brought my purse containing my credit card with me, the Recycling Man got more involved then he wished. Yeah.....he ended up in the HUGE plastic recycling bin looking for my purse that I thought I'd brought with me! Poor Mr Recycling Man. He's a lovely guy, very helpful. In fact he's been involved in our missing dog dramas too! After numerous phone calls I finally found the purse at home! About five minutes after I'd made the call to cancel the credit card!!

Sod's Law eh?.

Should be renamed Jazzy's Law.

Think I've earned that title after all my antics to date!

Learn from these antics of mine Dear Readers.

And mind your your bags and credit cards this Christmas ;-)

Happy shopping!!

xx Jazzy

Note: This was a sponsored post, thank you for reading.

The Gallery: Snow Boots and Sequins

This is my first entry for The Gallery run by Sticky Fingers!

A picture of me refusing to give into the appalling snowy weather and miss a much looked forward to Christmas night out. No way was I missing out so I attired myself in my Snow Boots and Sequins and off I went to the very posh Samsara restaurant in Dublin!! I had a fab night too.....

xx Jazzy