Social Media ....And The Inner Me

Hi there. My name is Jazzygal and I'm a Social Media addict.             

There, I've gone and said it.

Well, I've gone and said what others believe.

But, you're ALWAYS on facebook....... we always see your name up.... etc; etc; etc

These are comments I often hear and I usually respond by saying ...just because my name is there doesn't mean I am! Seriously, I have the slowest PC in the world. I just switch it on and leave it on, half the time I'm not even in the house! And besides most of you who make these comments are working so you get to have tea breaks and lunches with real, live ADULT human beings!!

That said I am on quite a bit and I am now totally enthralled by twitter also. I am a facetweeter. And I love it. I love blogging too. A lot of my friends don't quite understand this. They wouldn't have time for the likes of this. They are far too busy and sure what's the point in it anyway? I, on the other hand have tons of time on my hands as I am a SAHM. Not true. I am very busy, all day every day. I just make time! I can facetweet whilst washing floors, making dinners, cleaning toilets, choreographing dance routines and making phone calls etc! I am good at multi tasking. Yes, I do make mistakes but even I haven't quite manged to confuse the bathroom with the kitchen! Well, not so far anyway! And besides, the mistakes I do make can be excellent updates and give people a laugh!

I, like most people,  facetweet anything that comes into my head from the mundane and serious to the random and frivolous. And it's fun.... it's Louis Walsh himself might say!

It's powerful too. Both sites have something different to offer.

 Facebook is the first site I joined after I too uttered the unbelievable words.... I don't have time for this! Obviously I did find the time and I'm so glad that I did. I have met many people through this medium that I now consider friends. Friends I would never have otherwise met. What a lot of my other friends don't realise is the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes on facebook. The Private Messages when we send out a request for assistance with an issue with our children, our home life, health issues or just a shoulder to cry on etc. All non facetweeters have no idea of the power of facebook for the level of support that it provides. I have availed of this support and also, I hope, helped to provide support to others. Facebook is also ideal for sharing information, generally, that may help others. One does have to be very careful on facebook though and I do screen friend requests. And you will understand when I don't return hearts and smiles etc. I stopped all of that when facebook wanted to share/access my details in order to partake!

Twitter operates a little differently and is admittedly a lot harder to get used to. I am going to be brutally honest here and say that I did find it really hard to get started. There's a whole new lingo over there, it appears more high-brow and a different code of ethics ensues, or so it would seem. For a long time I felt like the Green Isle Pea (not to be confused with the Black Eyed peas!!):  I keep on knocking but I can't get in!! However once I got the hang of the lingo and the hashtags (#) etc I found twitter just as friendly as facebook and I am really enjoying it now. I do lament the fact that twitter doesn't have a like button though. Although, I guess a Re-Tweet (RT) is the ultimate like??

Twitter is an even more powerful medium than facebook. I love it for the diversely interesting people that I have met. I now consider them friends too! The amount of information and news to be garnered from twitter is astounding and it's through this medium that I keep up with all things political.

Facetweeting and blogging allows me to keep active, to keep those brain cells ticking over in my absence from the (paid) workforce. I reckon I have learned skills in the past two years that will stand to me if/when I do return to work. I always call myself a techno-phobe...and I am.... but I am much more computer literate now than I ever was when I was working. Communication and interaction with others are other skills that are honed through these media. Between that and Panto I reckon I should qualify as a paid negotiator!

Facetweeting has also added a completely new, and very welcome, dimension to TV viewing. I cannot imagine watching XFactor (for example) without joining in the twitter streams or facebook comments. RTE's Frontline programme or TV 3's Newsnight withVincent Browne would just not be the same without twitter. The streams are hilarious!! Even Mr Jazzy has to laugh as I read out some of them!! And I will never forget the fun we had role-playing the Rocky Horror movie on facebook!! I got over 50 comments on that one! Admittedly there was wine involved...but there usually is! Of course I have to mention our Friday nights... our TGI (fb) F nights!! Such fun!

Which begs the question...... are facetweeting nights in the new going out?

The answer I believe is NO. That would be really sad! I would NEVER refuse a night out because I'd prefer to be on twitter or facebook!

But Social Media does provide this Desperate Housewife with an outlet for her rambling ruminations,  adult company  and allows the inner me to shine!!

Well, that's my story....

What's your story........ why do you facetweet?

xx Jazzy


  1. Hi, my name is Jen and I am also a social media addict! Umm, if you use tweetdeck you can 'favourite' a tweet, it is the same as 'like' on FB:) It does take a while to get into Twitter, I had 'twitter jitters' for a looong time, but it is well worth hanging in. BTW, I can vouch for the fact that Jazzy is not on Twitter all the time because I MISS her there these days she is so busy!! Jen

  2. Me too! So glad we're all addicts together!

  3. I am definitely a FB addict (my husband will tell you he joined so he could know what was going on in my day) and I'm just starting to understand Twitter. I have NO idea what facetwitting is. What is it? Or maybe I shouldn't know...

  4. I can still remember being invited to join Facebook and then wondering what to do next, same with Twitter, but love both now. Like Jazzy they will be on all day, but I just drop in from time to time when I need a break. And thanks Jen for the explanation of 'favouriting' a tweet. Now I just need to know what is the 'correct' response when it happens to one of yours xx

  5. I have a hard time figuring out how to juggle them all. First there was Facebook and that was easy enough. Then I started blogging and linking my blog to FB. But then when I started Twittering, I stopped going on FB. I feel like I don't have time for them all, but also can't seem to figure out how to best leverage them all at the same time. If you're a social media addict, then I think I am the newbie who just overdosed!

  6. @JENCULL: see, I really am a techno-phobe! I did wonder what "favourite" was! Are you notified if someone favourite's one of your tweets?? And thank you.... it is so nice to be missed :-)I do pop in and out every day soon!

    @DANIG: Hey... we have our own "support group" going on!!

    @TRYDEFYINGGRAVITY: have got to do facetweeting! It's when you do both... chat on FACEbook and TWEET on twitter! You can set up your twitter account to automatically post your tweets to facebook. I don't do that as I like the relative anonymity that I enjoy on twitter ;-)

    @BLUESKY: And that's exactly it, isn't Blue Sky? We're on these sites for a "break"'s our wind down activity. I guess the correct response, if you're notified that a tweet has been to favourite that person's next tweet?? Or just thank them as you would for a follow friday (ff)??

    @LYNN: Small steps Lynn! Don't give up! I just have both on and pop ina and out as I want. i do find I'm spending less time on facebook but that's no harm. I still keep up with what's going on. Seriously Lynn if you only knew the amount of balls I'm juggling at the moment!!

    And on that note I'd better go stick to my grueling schedule!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. I am such a facetweeter... I can't help myself! Once the kids are in bed for the evening, it gives me a way to chat to people that are, you know, grown ups! (even though we quite often behave like kids with the jokes and innuendos!).
    It brings a whole new meaning to staying connected to people. If it weren't for facetweeting and blogging, I wouldn't know anywhere near as much as I do about how to help Max. The support is just amazing! You and Jen have been a big, no, HUGE part of that. :)

  8. @MARILYN: And the power of Facetweeting! And blogging too, of course. I wish it was available to me when WiiBoy was younger. Your Max is doing fantastically well, you're doing a fab job Marilyn. I am honoured to think that I have been of any support to you at all!

    thanks so much for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. sigh..I am a technophobe.. fb is fun for me to read..and I have made some lovely friends..but I get easily distracted..and usually by the time I think of an appropriate comment to add and post it...the thread is long past where my comment would be relevant and I look like the odd girl. Which is o.k....perhaps I need to add wine? I do adore blogging..I don't know how I ever did without it..Tweeting? I'm a twit at tweeting..isn't that twagic? :)

  10. I am a facebook addict but not twitter. I love seeing what my friends are up to and enjoy leaving comments there to network with all of you, especially my Irish buddies! xx

  11. @KATHLEEN: Oh YES...add wine!! Lol at your twagic tweeting!

    Here's something else I like about facetweeting that I'm going to admit now. Although I'm still "me", another side to me emerges. It's an aspect of me that's always there but not always evident. I'm not always comfortable making jokes and having a laugh in large groups.... nothing worse then saying something really funny and no-one laughs!! Especially when you know if someone else (ANYONE else) had said it people would be falling about laughing! You see, I can make these comments anonymously (kind of!) on facebook or twitter and just leave it hanging...doesn't matter if no-one "gets it". Have to say though, on facebook, they usually do and we have such a laugh!! That is the thing I really enjoy and is what I mean when I say "allows the INNER ME to shine" ;-)
    My "real life" friends think I'm hilarious on facebook!! I just want to shout.... that's the real me too!!
    It is also like playing a stage role too Kathleen...try looking at it like that ;-)

    @LORA: It is a great way to keep up with everyone and everything, isn't it?

    Thank you for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

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