Jazzy and WiiBoy's Snow Day......

Here in Ireland we have been engulfed by unexpected snowfalls.

Here in Ireland engulfed is defined as approximately a 1.5 inch covering of snow! That's because we are unprepared.

That said, we do seem to have learned somewhat from the mistakes of last January and we are assured by our Government that we have an ample supply of road salt to grit our roads.

That also said, I would take every word this Government of ours utters with a grain of aforementioned salt!

You must admit that their track record of truth telling leaves a lot to be a desired.

I too have learned from last January's debacle, of the fractured coccyx variety, so Jazzy and WiBoy will be staying put for the duration of this particular cold spell.

Well, we have ventured out as far as our road and a very close-by field.

We took some photos and hope that you enjoy the final product ;-)

And now to wrap ourselves up nice and warm. A significant snowfall of 8 inches in Dublin (10 inches in nearby Wicklow!) is forecast for tonight!

We have been known to get forecasts wrong too you know so..... here's hoping!

Stay safe in this snow folks.

xx Jazzy


  1. Very impressive film-making!!
    It's a bit pathetic that we're snow-bound by such a relatively small snowfall.
    The Scandinavians (and Canadians) must think we're hilarious.

  2. I agree with Jean, very impressive work indeed... Just wishing I could have my Xmas hols now....

  3. Well, I'm less concerned about global warming now. ;)

    And, well, the northerners always scoff at how life shuts down when it snows in Texas, too. But why keep loads of salt and machines on hand for a once a decade event. You might like this old post of mine: http://www.therextras.com/therextras/2010/03/you-get-no-sympathy-from-me-about-snow.html

    Ouch! fracturedcoccyx is bery, bery painful!
    Good idea not to risk it again!

  4. @Jean: the Americans think you're adorable too! An inch and a 1/2? We don't even report that. 8 inches and now you're talking! I love love love the snow!! Which is a good thing living in Chicago. Great video Jazzy!!

  5. Get you with your posh slide show and music, I think you are a closet techie lol. Looks great though, lovely photos. Well, I would probably like them more if I wasn't living it. Not sure I believe there is enough salt and grit btw, because we are two months early with snow this year, if it continues over the next few months we are sunk! Jen

  6. @JEAN: Thanks, glad you like it! They must all be laughing at us!

    @NAN P: Thank you. This could last for a while. It's early winter as yet....

    @THEREEXTRAS: Yes that is true. Hard for people to get to work when it happens though. I can attest to a fractured coccyx being VERY painful. The fact I still had to finish choreographing the panto didn't help!!

    @LYNN: Thanks! And the 8 ins didn't materialise in Dublin as forecast so we're back to school today!! Mr Jazzy's Aunt lives in Chicago!

    @JENCULL: Hehehe..you like my posh side?! I'm a wannabe techie, Jen ;-) You cannot believe ONE WORD that this Government utters!

    Thank you for your coments. Delighted to receive them :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. The snow is very beautiful but...!
    We are being engulfed as i type too:)

  8. An inch and a half of snow here in West Texas and everything grinds to a halt. Lovely video. I'd stay inside, warm and cozy, too!

  9. Loved the video and the credits! Strange to think how much I used to love snow, now I just curse and shiver xx

  10. @CASDOK: We've been downgraded since I posted and are now de-engulfed! But not so elsewhere in Ireland. Quite bad out there and I know you in the UK are to get it very bad too :-(

    @KATHLEEN and KIM: You know what it's like so! Wrapping up alright. Back to school today but it's day by day...

    @BLUESKY: Hehehe..you liked my tongue-in-cheek credits!! I do still like snow, I like it to visit and not outstay it's welcome though!

    Thanks all for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. Lovely video...The snow is so pretty. Hope Wiiboy enjoyed the snow.

  12. I've had to abandon the school run and take to the car this week as it's been way too cold to be walking two miles! Poor Nipper was crying about the cold when he'd only walked up the drive. It's not looking good for the rest of the week either!

  13. Love the slide show! I miss the beautiful snow of Alaska but only because we were well prepared, but here in North Carolina it's no fun. My apartment complex didn't have the snow removed last winter and we were snowed in for 3 days...good thing I had groceries!

  14. Great slide show! Apparently we had snow here in southern Oregon the week we were away in Thailand - shucks! ;)

  15. HEEHEEHEE...should I flaunt my snow experience?? No..being unprepared is awful...slippery roads with loved ones driving on them is cause for anxiety..I love the snow and the winter-but we are very prepared..I hope that all the Jazzy's are warm and cozy..:)

  16. @4TIMESBLESSED: Thank you. Yes, we did enjoy it.

    @TILLY: It was a tough week all round. We had to turn back on Wednesday it was so bad. We only made school one day this week!

    @LORA: Yes...so much better when your country is prepared for it! Hope you don't get snowed in again this year Lora.

    @TANYA'TEENAUTISM: Thanks. I'd take Thailand over snow ANY day!Hope you had a wonderful time :-)

    @KATHLEEN: Lol! Thanks.Yes... I was very worried one day when Mr Jazzy was at work in the city centre. It never stopped snowing all day. I was so relieved when he made it home !

    Thanks for your comments, they always put a smile on my face..... like so.... :-)

    xx Jazzy

  17. Wow! That is a lot of snow. I wish he had some of it here!


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