Jazzy and WiiBoy's Snow Day......

Here in Ireland we have been engulfed by unexpected snowfalls.

Here in Ireland engulfed is defined as approximately a 1.5 inch covering of snow! That's because we are unprepared.

That said, we do seem to have learned somewhat from the mistakes of last January and we are assured by our Government that we have an ample supply of road salt to grit our roads.

That also said, I would take every word this Government of ours utters with a grain of aforementioned salt!

You must admit that their track record of truth telling leaves a lot to be a desired.

I too have learned from last January's debacle, of the fractured coccyx variety, so Jazzy and WiBoy will be staying put for the duration of this particular cold spell.

Well, we have ventured out as far as our road and a very close-by field.

We took some photos and hope that you enjoy the final product ;-)

And now to wrap ourselves up nice and warm. A significant snowfall of 8 inches in Dublin (10 inches in nearby Wicklow!) is forecast for tonight!

We have been known to get forecasts wrong too you know so..... here's hoping!

Stay safe in this snow folks.

xx Jazzy

Social Media ....And The Inner Me

Hi there. My name is Jazzygal and I'm a Social Media addict.             

There, I've gone and said it.

Well, I've gone and said what others believe.

But, you're ALWAYS on facebook....... we always see your name up.... etc; etc; etc

These are comments I often hear and I usually respond by saying ...just because my name is there doesn't mean I am! Seriously, I have the slowest PC in the world. I just switch it on and leave it on, half the time I'm not even in the house! And besides most of you who make these comments are working so you get to have tea breaks and lunches with real, live ADULT human beings!!

That said I am on quite a bit and I am now totally enthralled by twitter also. I am a facetweeter. And I love it. I love blogging too. A lot of my friends don't quite understand this. They wouldn't have time for the likes of this. They are far too busy and sure what's the point in it anyway? I, on the other hand have tons of time on my hands as I am a SAHM. Not true. I am very busy, all day every day. I just make time! I can facetweet whilst washing floors, making dinners, cleaning toilets, choreographing dance routines and making phone calls etc! I am good at multi tasking. Yes, I do make mistakes but even I haven't quite manged to confuse the bathroom with the kitchen! Well, not so far anyway! And besides, the mistakes I do make can be excellent updates and give people a laugh!

I, like most people,  facetweet anything that comes into my head from the mundane and serious to the random and frivolous. And it's fun.... it's entertaining...as Louis Walsh himself might say!

It's powerful too. Both sites have something different to offer.

 Facebook is the first site I joined after I too uttered the unbelievable words.... I don't have time for this! Obviously I did find the time and I'm so glad that I did. I have met many people through this medium that I now consider friends. Friends I would never have otherwise met. What a lot of my other friends don't realise is the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes on facebook. The Private Messages when we send out a request for assistance with an issue with our children, our home life, health issues or just a shoulder to cry on etc. All non facetweeters have no idea of the power of facebook for the level of support that it provides. I have availed of this support and also, I hope, helped to provide support to others. Facebook is also ideal for sharing information, generally, that may help others. One does have to be very careful on facebook though and I do screen friend requests. And you will understand when I don't return hearts and smiles etc. I stopped all of that when facebook wanted to share/access my details in order to partake!

Twitter operates a little differently and is admittedly a lot harder to get used to. I am going to be brutally honest here and say that I did find it really hard to get started. There's a whole new lingo over there, it appears more high-brow and a different code of ethics ensues, or so it would seem. For a long time I felt like the Green Isle Pea (not to be confused with the Black Eyed peas!!):  I keep on knocking but I can't get in!! However once I got the hang of the lingo and the hashtags (#) etc I found twitter just as friendly as facebook and I am really enjoying it now. I do lament the fact that twitter doesn't have a like button though. Although, I guess a Re-Tweet (RT) is the ultimate like??

Twitter is an even more powerful medium than facebook. I love it for the diversely interesting people that I have met. I now consider them friends too! The amount of information and news to be garnered from twitter is astounding and it's through this medium that I keep up with all things political.

Facetweeting and blogging allows me to keep active, to keep those brain cells ticking over in my absence from the (paid) workforce. I reckon I have learned skills in the past two years that will stand to me if/when I do return to work. I always call myself a techno-phobe...and I am.... but I am much more computer literate now than I ever was when I was working. Communication and interaction with others are other skills that are honed through these media. Between that and Panto I reckon I should qualify as a paid negotiator!

Facetweeting has also added a completely new, and very welcome, dimension to TV viewing. I cannot imagine watching XFactor (for example) without joining in the twitter streams or facebook comments. RTE's Frontline programme or TV 3's Newsnight withVincent Browne would just not be the same without twitter. The streams are hilarious!! Even Mr Jazzy has to laugh as I read out some of them!! And I will never forget the fun we had role-playing the Rocky Horror movie on facebook!! I got over 50 comments on that one! Admittedly there was wine involved...but there usually is! Of course I have to mention our Friday nights... our TGI (fb) F nights!! Such fun!

Which begs the question...... are facetweeting nights in the new going out?

The answer I believe is NO. That would be really sad! I would NEVER refuse a night out because I'd prefer to be on twitter or facebook!

But Social Media does provide this Desperate Housewife with an outlet for her rambling ruminations,  adult company  and allows the inner me to shine!!

Well, that's my story....

What's your story........ why do you facetweet?

xx Jazzy

The Decision Has Been Made....

I recently mentioned that I'd applied for  a continuation of my career break due to extenuating circumstances. I submitted a very detailed letter outlining said extenuating circumstances. Somewhat on the lines of my Dear Hubby post.... but with way more detail.

I've become very good at writing long letters of applications over my six year hiatus. It would be a hard hearted official who could say no to me. And besides I wasn't looking for anything that would cost, rather I was applying for something that would save costs. Theirs... not mine!

I received a reply last week. A successful one! I have successfully wangled myself another two years!! This brings us to November 2012 at which point WiiBoy will be hopefully settling into a new Secondary School. With an expected delay in an available post for me I could well get WiiBoy through his First year, or most of it.

This is wonderful news and I'm delighted and relieved to know that I will be available to continue my ongoing work here.

 To me the Celtic Tiger Years didn't allow me change my house to a mansion or my car to a SUV. It allowed me go on a career break to carry out the most important job of my life..... Looking after WiiBoy and working my ass off to get him to where he is today. And for that we are truly grateful.

As some of you regular readers will know my career break started very suddenly. We had WiiBoy's diagnosis in December 2003. It took a while to get our heads around it and to decide best options for him. When the appropriate placement became available it was suddenly imperative that I take time off work. I was gone within two weeks. Just like that. Annual Leave, unpaid Parental Leave and my job-sharing weeks off allowed some breathing space to attend to the necessary  paper work.

Now, here's something that I have never revealed in these rambling blog posts of mine....... I didn't know whether or not I could cope being at home all day with my son. How awful is that?

In fairness things were extremely difficult. We really were at crisis point. I honestly thought, exhausting as it was going to work every second week, it was my break from the difficulties at home. Dear God....how on earth did I ever believe that? I was exhausted. I had a maximum of three hours sleep every night. I was attending intensive Audit Training courses over the previous two years and had to study for exams.I also had to try and fit in numerous SLT and OT appointments. I would leave the house every working day having dealt with serious meltdowns and screaming and return home to the very same situation.

I was reluctant to give up my job. If I could have done mornings only I would have but his special school time slot was from 12 until 2.30 so it was impossible. So I made the only decision I could and took the time off.

And what a difference it made. Of course it didn't take long for me to realise how much my going to work and changing WiiBoy's environment by leaving him with our childminder impacted on his behaviours. The poor child! Now don't get me wrong, it was still difficult but I didn't have the added stresses of going out to work and before long we were all getting a nights sleep AND WiiBoy started eating within a few short months!

So, it's been great, wonderful and I don't want it to end. And now it won't, well not for another two years!

But then something strange happened.....

 Today Mr Jazzy and I had to go to a funeral and then on to a very successful IEP meeting (you know it's successful when it's a short one!) We parked at his office and on the way back we decided to go for a quick cuppa in his work canteen. Is it sad that today's outing almost qualified as a date?? Anyway we went into the canteen and the strangest feeling came over me. As we both work for the same organisation there was a chance I'd meet someone I used to work with. I didn't as it happened but I looked at all the people as they came in and it all came back to me. Everyone sitting in their groups having their lunchtime chats.....the group of women leaving with their bulging lever arch files after their working lunch meeting. I then imagined their office, the work they'd been doing and their families at home. Oh and when I went into the bathroom I very strangely remembered all the times we'd do the make-up etc before heading to the pub on a Friday after work or for the Christmas night out.

It was so surreal, truly it was. I felt it in the pit of my tummy. I can't find words to describe it. It was like a sick, sinking feeling, but it wasn't quite that? A yearning feeling maybe??

Or perhaps I'm just remembering how it used to be.... a dose of good ole' Nostalgia! It was a huge part of my life for so long. I did my growing up there and made some good friends over the years!

I'm not for one minute yearning to go back, really, I'm not. But I wouldn't rule out my return in two years time.

Right now I am so happy to remain at home with my wonderous WiiBoy for another two years.

I am very happy with the decision that has been made.

And besides, I had my own bulging lever-arch file in the car for our meeting that would rival theirs any day of the week ;-)

So there!

xx Jazzy

My Autumn View...

And these from a week or two later......

November 1st and daisy's flowering, pretty Butterfly in house (I helped him escape) and our lavender Plant has re-flowered!

The calm before the storm methinks as the tail end of Hurricane Tomas heads our way......
Dublin and Galway on high flood alert again..... but spare a thought for those in Haiti.