Today: 10/10/10

This is what we were doing at 10.10 am today the 10/10/10.....

What were you doing???

;-) xx Jazzy

Note: See Redmum's Blog for all the photos (including this one) that she has collated!


  1. Brilliant!

    I was taking a nap with my baby, whilst hubbie was at the cinema with our big girls.

  2. I was in bed and my husband rushed upstairs to tell me it was 10.10 on 10/10. I was NOT impressed! (lol) Jen

  3. Don't remember, must have been asleep... Wait a sec... Yes, I WAS asleep!

    Next big one: 20.10 on 20.10.2010... Ahah did you think of that one!

  4. I was shouting at two children to put their shoes on BECAUSE WE ARE LATE!!! Business as usual at the Trufs...

  5. This is awesome!! This morning at 10:10 on 10/10/10 I was in the car with my husband headed to the store.

    Maybe tonight at 10:10 I'll be doing something more exciting.... like sleeping!!

  6. I was drinking coffee with glazed eyes..not realizing anything other than the fact that my children were being much too energetic...

  7. I was washing my face after having slept in! Looks like Wii-Boy was far more energetic!

  8. I took this photo as @REDMUM was collating all photos tagged to her on Twitter!

    @SARAH: Thanks.....and thanks for dropping in ;-)Glad you caught up on some sleep!

    @JEN: Sometimes sleep is waaay more important!!

    @NAN P: No .... no I didn't!

    @TRUF...Oh goes on!

    @DANI G: Well...what did you do at 10.10pm?? AND.... did you take a photo??!!

    @KATHLEEN: 'Nuther normal day for the herd then, eh?? ;-)

    @TANYA: It looks that way alright!!

    WiiBoy does look energetic but you should know that he was dragged out of bed and away from his cartoons, still in pajamas just to get this photo!!

    He was incredibly grumpy and not at all impressed!

    Mind you.... he was in great form afterward...

  9. Awesome! My son likes to sit on it, while others bounce around him.


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