How Does Your Garden Grow???

 Not very well, if you're like us here at Chez Jazzy. Not a green finger amongst us I'm afraid. Although, I do think WiiBoy may be developing some! We still need all the help we can get though! See that leaf on our new, beautiful green lawn? Sitting there reminding us of the approaching new season and our need for some Autumn lawn care. Believe me that leaf is the first of a deluge that is sure to follow, real soon. We have huge 200 year old trees in the field behind us!

Some time ago I wrote about the last remaining job we had to do post The Great Flood of 2008! Our back garden. Now, all we really needed was a nice lawn but even a simple lawn needs a lot of care and attention.
And our lawn needed more care and attention than most. Well, not only has it survived a flood but it has also survived a 1000litre heating oil leak!! I kid you not.

A new lawn also needs plain ole hard work. We don't do hard work at Chez Jazzy and we are definitely not DIY merchants. We simply wouldn't know where to begin so we always have to get The Man in. In this case we definitely needed The Man as we had some drainage issues to solve too.

And so to fix our lawn. It was bad....

                                        Yes, that is a Christmas Tree you see... in May!

So, we moved the Trampoline to the front garden, where it remains still!

                                              See... we can do hard work after all!

Then we sorted out the soil and laid our new lawn!


Now, as you can imagine a new lawn needs a lot of work to help it "take". No point in splashing out all that cash and then not looking after it. That's when the Jazzys all got to work to take care of our new lawn. We watered it religiously every day for weeks.

And doesn't it look lovely?

We're thrilled with our new luscious, green, lawn but now with the changing seasons we've definitely got to get ourselves some Autumn lawn care. So that we have an even greener lawn come next summer!

Well, when I say we.... I mean Mr Jazzy has to do all the Autumn lawn care ;-)

But shhh.... don't tell him I said that!

xx Jazzy

This was a sponsored post. thank you for reading.


  1. Your lawn is very lovely.

    Heh. I am the lawn person here - and I enjoy it, mostly. Hubby helps me with things I am physically not able/safe to do.

    Can you get a mulch-mower over there? That is the mower mulches the grass, and leaves, as it mows over them. That's what I have and it saves both raking and the lawn.


  2. I can't wait until all the swings, slides, climbing frames & trampolines are gone from my back garden, so that I can then pave the lot and never have to look after it again!

  3. You do have a lovely lawn...We do as well..because we hire someone to cut it. Otherwise it would be a weed field. I have a black thumb..Sadly I live in a rural area near many farmers who grow lovely things..I grow scraggly flowers and contempt...*sigh* I do have a wonderful method for getting rid of the leaves is called "pushing them in a pile and hoping for a strong wind" It works most of the time!

  4. @THEREXTRA: I'm not sure, I suppose we can. I don't do the lawn mowing Barbara. I don't even know how to use the petrol lawn mower that we have. On principle. You see, that's Mr Jazzy's job and I know that if I EVER mow the lawn...even once...It would end up being another job on my list. And that ain't ever gonna happen ;-)

    @BIGALPHY: Hehehe... you're so cruel! Although we did pave half our back garden, in effect. we built an extension! And got rid of a slide... does that count??

    @KATHLEEN: Believe me, that has been our method to date also!! Actually, if you read the link attached to this post it does give good advice for this Autumn. After spending about €1500 on fixing our back garden we're definitely gonna take care of it!!

    Thank you all for your comments!

    xx Jazzy

  5. It looks fab!!! And I'm extra impressed that the boys have been press-ganged into keeping it in shape. I do hope you'll be sipping s Cosmo with your feet up while they slave away XXX

  6. I'm not a huge fan of sponsored posts, but you've managed to make this one interesting and entertaining with great pictures as usual. Am ashamed of my lawns, but I have a house to fix up first!

  7. Well done Jazzy, this is the best sponsored post I have ever seen, funny and informative:) Your garden looks fab btw and I hope it does well over the winter. Jen

  8. @JEAN: Now... if I could only succeed in press-ganging them to help me around the house!

    @BLUE SKY:Oh yeah... the house definitely comes first! I'm not usually a fan of sponsored posts either but I couldn't resist this one and I'm glad I did it! Thanks Blue Sky.

    @JEN: Thanks... that means a lot. It;'s exactly what I was aiming for. I will be doing more but they have to fit in with me and my Blog style ;-)

    Thanks for your comments girls... I really do appreciate them.

    xx Jazzy

  9. Nice lawn! Ours has been taken over by something called "Creeping Charlie". So we now have the nastiest lawn on the block and no one under this roof is much interested in doing anything about it.

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  11. Happy Tuesday to you and your family! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful autumn weather!

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  13. Wow! You guys did a beautiful job! It looks lovely. Enjoy!

  14. I wish my grass were that green! LOVE it Jazzy!

    Stopping in from FMBT to show you some love!

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  16. @LYNN: Never heard of creeping charlie! Hope you get it sorted soon!

    @CASDOK: Thanks!

    @TANYA:Thanks... it is lovely to look out at so we do enjoy it!

    To all new followers from FMBT.... thank you so much for following and commenting. You must think me so rude as I haven't got around to returning the favour. Been really busy here with a broken Xbox (that's the Holy Grail in a house with an ASD kid... believe me!)All my time going on that. Poor child is devastated.

    I will pop over to your blogs very soon...promise!

    xx Jazzy

  17. I'm one of your new followers. Lovin your blog so far, I will most defintely be back.

    If you get a chance, I hope you will stop by mine and follow back. I also have tons of giveaways you can enter. Last week was kid's week and this week is book week.

    Have a great day!! Good luck with the new lawn.


  18. @4TLOS: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And for becoming my 100th follower! WOOHOO!! I've been waiting for this!

    The lawn is doing fine ta.... I'm making sure to rake all those leaves up ;-)
    I'm gonna pop over to check out yours too!

    xx Jazzy


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