A Comedy (day) of Errors.....

It would seem from my facebook postings of late that I am giving the impression out there that I am a tad forgetful at times. I'd hate people to think that I flounder from day to day, losing stuff and forgetting things with any regularity. So in order to give a more fuller impression of my day to day existence, to put the record straight as it were, I'm writing this post to give you an example of a typical day in the life of Jazzy.....

My day started with getting WiiBoy to school with all his cakes for the Cake Sale. But first we had to get out of the house... which meant the usual last minute trip to the loo, find the shoes/school bag etc; and the frantic search and loud mutterings of "where's the damn keys." I spend an inordinate amount of time every day looking for keys.....

As WiiBoy was going in to school he asked for money to buy some cakes..... whole point of the Cake Sale really . Of course dizzy Jazzy here had left the house without her bag so no money! It's okay, I reassured him saying we'll borrow from SNA Angel. Let there be no panic.

I then had a meeting with teacher and left the school without talking to our SNA Angel. I texted her instead...sorted. Phew...panic over!

Now... home to finally get some breakfast. And to make some important phone calls. I did that, but one person wasn't available so I made arrangements for her to call me back at 12.30.

Then it was a mad dash to fit in the Gym before whisking (and I really do mean whisking, well as much as it's possible to whisk someone in a wheelchair, that is) my mam out for lunch! Okay... I'm doing well. Gym went fine, then it was straight to nursing home where I decided to ring the person I'd missed earlier, from the car. (Well I knew I was running low on credit so I got the person to ring me back. I repeat... I KNEW I was running low on credit.) I really didn't want to discuss my going back to work options in the pub you see! Yes my six year Career break (or six year holiday as WiiBoy puts it!) is almost at an end. So I made the call, no hassles. Didn't forget any important questions, as I'd written them down beforehand. Fantastic. No worries.

I was only 15 minutes late collecting my mam and I whisked her down the road for pub grub, which she enjoys. So far so good.

Finally, when I had both herself and myself comfortably ensconced in a nice seated area outdoors in the lovely mid September sunshine, I could allow myself to relax a little. We had a lovely lunch and then I had to broach a difficult subject. I needed to get my mam to sign some important, private documents. I successfully explained it to her and was just about to get the matter finalised when I suddenly realised that I hadn't put any money in the parking meter! This was a full hour after the phone call I'd made! Oh CRAP!! The traffic warden is ALWAYS down here. Feck... feck...FECK  I said...loudly and left my mother tucking into her apple pie and cream while I legged it (no more whisking!) back to the car like a mad woman!! Thankfully no warden about so I put 30 cents in the meter. I'd  risked getting an €80 fine all for the sake of 30 cents!! Phew!

Back to the pub to get the forms signed, quick cuppa, pay the bill then leg it whisk my mam back to the nursing home so I could do the school run. At this stage I had my bag, my rain jacket (mid September sun there may well have been but, Hey, this is Ireland!) and another bag in which I had the important documents. That bag I put on the back of the wheelchair.

Got my mam safely back so, quick goodbye then race back to the school.

Half way there I realised I didn't have the bag with the important private documents!! Dammit.. I'd left them on the back of the wheelchair. Oh God... feck... feck ...FECK!! I really did not want the staff to read these private pages. I used my diminishing phone credit to TRY to get through to the owner of the home. They are notoriously difficult to get through to so I had to leave a message. Damn. They got back to me later (as did my mam...oops!) and the documents are currently safely filed away in a sealed envelope. Phew!

I then collected a cake-filled WiiBoy from school and whisked (we do a serious amount of whisking here in chez Jazzy) him home. He had to get some homework done before Drama (AKA SLT!) at 3 .45 to 4.45 followed by a play date in his pals house at about a quarter to five. So I reckoned I'd get him home after Drama and finish homework before play date. Be grand. While he was in Drama I'd have my shower, as I was going out at six, then I'd finish getting ready while he was in his pal's house. Sorted.

Can you spot the problem with that time line?? 'Cos I sure as hell didn't!

All went well and I collected him from Drama and was whisking him home at 4.50 when the penny finally dropped...feck...feck... I don't have a gap between drama and play... he's supposed to be there now... NOW!! Dammit...Feck...feck...CRAP!! You will note that there's a serious amount of utterances of Feck and Crap at chez Jazzy too! And a lot of Phew-ing as well!

So, I did a quick u-turn with accompanying squealing tyres (okay... the last bit is added in for effect) and whisked him to his pal's house, 15 minutes later than arranged. The other mum was wondering what had happened to us!!

I figured out what went wrong. WiiBoy has a problem with telling the time. He can do digital... he can "see" 4.45 but tell him it's now a quarter to five and he gets confused and really agitated. I know now to give him the time in digital. But, interestingly enough,  I now realise that I have the same problem... in reverse!! I knew Drama was 3.45 to 4.45 (really have to think about that one as it's digital on the schedule) but I had a problem when the other mum said half four to quarter to five for play. It really confused me.

Wow. That's kind of a strange realisation... Makes me understand WiiBoy a bit more.

Anyway, I was now back on track, albeit a bit bewildered and bedazzled! I finished getting ready as Mr Jazzy was due to arrive home at 5.50 ( yeah..that would be ten to six..I am now with the programme!) and I was leaving at 6pmWiiBoy was being dropped home.

I left the house on time as I had arranged to meet a blogging friend that I've known for about two years now but had never met! The fabulous Nan P and I were finally meeting for the first time and we were rather excited about it! Of course, Mr Jazzy thinks I'm nuts meeting people I only know through social networking. He doesn't get how well you can get to know each other online!!

So, off I went to meet the lovely Nan P and got stuck in some traffic en route. No problems, I had my mobile phone with me and sent her a text. Then I got through the traffic quicker than anticipated and tried to text her again to say I was going to pop into two shops and would be with her shortly. The text wouldn't send.

You can guess what's up...can't you?! Not me...oh nooo.

Well, I'm in an underground car park. It'll be fine when I get to the shopping levels. Right?

Nope.. still wouldn't send.

Another penny was kinda dropping and I checked my balance.

Ten cents left! And no free texts!!

Oh.... CRAP!

I whizzed (yes.. I do whizzing too..the running variety!) around my two shops and went to the Bank link to top up.

Three magic words...

Out. of. Service.

Oh... feck...... feck.... FECK... CRAP!!

What to do?? I'd never met her before and now I couldn't contact her!! A real sense of panic was now setting in and was battling alongside the incredible urge to laugh my head off! I mean, how worse can this get?? How much more can I muck this day up???!!

Luckily we'd pre-arranged to meet at a certain point, so I reckoned if I went there she'd show up. At some point. And I could always accost ask nicely to use any passing security person's phone. Right?

However, as it happens, Nan P is way more organised than me and was already sitting pretty at our pre-arranged meeting point!

Phew! No...... bigger than that.... PPHHEEW!!

Thankfully that's where my Comedy (day) of Errors ends.

Rounded off by a nice meal with a friend I felt that I've known forever! We chatted for ages. So long in fact, that I received a text from Mr Jazzy wondering if I'd gotten lost!

You know, not only do I lose things I can also manage to lose myself too.

But that's a whole other post........

xx Jazzy

Note: Jazzy wishes to assure her readers that while this may be at typical day in  the life of this Desperate Housewife, it doesn't occur everyday. Just most days....

'Tis enough to make one think twice about returning to the paid workforce, so it is ;-)


  1. You are something! (an American saying)

    Thanks for the entertainment! Who doesn't have a day like that every week or so?


  2. Whew! I need a nap after that! I don't know if you have the book there, but this reminds me of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"....then she'll want some milk, and then she'll spill it and have to clean it up....and so on and so on. You sound like me though....trying to juggle too much!

  3. Oh wow, I need to lie down after reading that! Glad the day ended well! :)

  4. Would it help if I said you are not alone!! Oh how many times have I left one thing one place while going to another place..getting lost and having forgotten to charge my phone...sigh...It is nice to read someone elses adventure with all of it..makes it really funny...:)

  5. My head is spinning, thanks for the entertainment.

  6. Oh My God!!! I have laughed so much reading this. Now I understand the “I run out of credits” line you gave me, almost as a greeting!

    But I must say that, after such an eventful day, you appeared before me so calm, cool and collected... You’re good at covering up, you know that? You’re good! :-)

    And yes, we had a brilliant evening!

  7. That sounds like my days, lol. There are days that I would not be able to get out of the house if my son wasn't so good at keeping up with my keys and cell phone.

  8. @THEREXTRAS: Glad you enjoyed!! And yes most people occasionally have these days.

    @LYNN: Oh yeah, I needed a nap too! Must check that book out and yes you are right.... it's all the juggling and trying to keep everyone happy that does it!

    @MARILYN: You would be tired after a day like that, so you would!!

    @KATHLEEN: I guess... not sure! At least you have the excuse of having 4 kids...I've only the one!!

    @ALAN BROPHY: hi there..thanks for dropping in. Glad you were amused!

    @NAN P: I knew I could relax once I met you...besides I am sooo used to days like this! I had a brilliant time too!

    @TAMMY: Hi thank you for dropping in too! I wish I had a son like yours... I have to round up all my guy's stuff as well as my own... no wonder I muck it up so often!!

    Thanks so much for all your comments!

    xx Jazzy

  9. He He Jazzy, I have non-stop days a bit like that too xx

  10. Oh, I know it. Days like that seem more and more frequent! That's why no one probably thinks badly of you when you post on facebook about it - they're all glad they're not the only ones!

  11. @TAZ: You can say that again!

    @BLUE SKY: Yeah, we all do I guess. It was fun to write about!!

    @KRISTY: So true!

    Thanks for your comments gals!

    xx Jazzy

  12. Jazzy! Tagged you in my latest post-gave you an award as well..:)


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