Keeping Busy

School Holidays can be very long so I like to keep Wiiboy busy during the summer break. To keep him occupied and to create opportunities for lots of play with other children. And more importantly..... to keep him off his damn xbox! In fact, I've kept us both so busy in the last few weeks that I've denied myself access to my own favourite toys. Namely: Facebook, Blogs and Twitter!

July, the first month of the school holidays, is now over. I have to say it has flown by. Poor WiiBoy doesn't know what's hit him with all the activities!

In the last few years I've signed him up for some mainstream Summer Camps and they've been very successful.

Three weeks ago he did a fun Gym/sports summer camp. Yeah...he played games! It's his third year to do this camp so he's well used to it and there were no problems. Well, none that I was informed of, so that's good! That was the week that I got a break. Seems like a lifetime ago now!

Two weeks ago he did the WhizzKids Summer Camp. That was fantastic. Yes, he was on a computer for a lot of the time but I reckoned as he spends a lot of time on computer/consoles anyway that it would be very beneficial to use this interest in a more constructive way. He got to create his own website and did some film-making as well. He seemed to enjoy it but said some of the other kids "annoyed" him. I didn't pay much heed and he just got on with it.

As that camp was the far side of the city I had to keep myself busy while I waited for him.

I did lots of things. I made two trips to the gym. I did some shopping, visiting shopping centres I haven't been to in years...Omni Park has grown I see...and I visited a new one for the first time...The Pavilions. Very nice.... I liked it.

I drove around the area I grew up in and went to school in. Oh my, I sure did feel my age! I passed by my
Primary School: Larkhill National School. It was a typical catholic school where segregation was the order of the day, with the boys and girls in almost identical separate buildings to the one pictured below!


I was struck by how much like an institution it looks, like one of those places that child abuse went on in. Not that it was such a place. I remembered that they did hit us in school, ruler on the hand type of thing, as was typical at the time. Actually, both my parents and my aunts and uncles went to this school before me. I think more physical disciplining took place in their era than in mine.

That reminded me of a teacher that taught both me and my mother.... Ms Mc C. She was mean. Not only did she use the ruler but she'd drag you from behind the desk by your ears! Oh, and she had a nickname....Biddy Burst The Bucket! We would call her this most days. Not to her face of course, oh no..... from the top of the school bus as we passed her by!! Children can be mean too, I guess!

I got to meet up with some friends too! Both new and old. Thank you Looking For Blue Sky for the cuppa and chat! Thanks also to my facebook/show pal D.C. whom I finally got to meet face-to-face and I got to meet his cousin too! We had a lovely lunch.

I also got to visit my childhood friend. We've known each other since I was 7 and she was 5 and we haven't seen each other in a few years. Oh, it was so good to see her and her lovely family. Her gorgeous girls and handsome son who have all grown up lovely. It was so nice to see them that I went back again on the Friday after camp so they could meet WiiBoy again.

My friend was impressed. He never stopped talking from the moment he arrived! She remarked that the last time he visited there was very little interaction from him. I didn't realise it was so, I must have just been so used to it at the time.My friend was so happy to see such huge improvements.

WiiBoy spent a lot of time talking to my friend's husband, F as he had an interest that Wiiboy was also very interested in. He was so interested that he got  a present of one. Yes, there has been a new addition to the Jazzy house! Stay tuned, all will be revealed soon ;-)

That was an enjoyable but tiring week. Which was quickly followed by another highly enjoyable and exhausting week!

This week saw us complete our Musical Theatre Summer Camp! It went well and I think the children enjoyed it. They were a lovely group of children who seemed to gel very well together. It was interesting dealing with the different dynamics within the group, seeing how they interacted with each other and how they made accommodations for the Special Needs children. Having WiiBoy with me "at work".... that was quite interesting indeed. He got to take reprimands from others, in my company, which was very good..A learning curve for all I think. It was also, ahem, interesting dealing with 11 year old crushes! I'd forgotten how devastating and  overwhelming Tweenage Crushes can be. WiiBoy got what this was about, I think, but when asked if he had a crush on anyone the reply was an emphatic NO! And long may it stay that way.......

And somewhere in the middle of all the above I managed to lose something that I had just purchased. Also, on a brighter note, myself and Mr Jazzy celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary  and I manged not to fall asleep into my Chicken Tikka Shaslik! I now realise that I missed out on an opportunity for some lace lingerie! However I did get a lovely bouquet of flowers <3

A strange sort of calm has now descended on the Jazzy household and hopefully we get to do all the things on my wish list of summer activities that has been sidelined due to all the above activities!

And just to give us something to look forward to I've just booked us a five day break in our Hideaway Holiday Haven for the end of August!

Ah.... life is good!

xx Jazzy


  1. Oohh, now I want to know what the addition was, reveal all soon :D You have been so busy, I hope you enjoy your break at the end of August:)

  2. It was lovely to meet up with you again Jazzy :) And I'm really inspired reading this - I will certainly organise more activities for my boy next summer. BTW my boy is also often 'annoyed' by other children, but I can never get a clear explanation. Do you? Enjoy your holiday xx

  3. Yes, long may it stay that way. I was testing Boo today as he recited the scene from Pixar's Cars where Mater is teasing Lightning:"Kissing in a tree" I asked him if he would be kissing one of the girls in school - got an emphatic NO! (YAY!) then I asked if he would kiss Mummy? Got a yes and a kiss! xx I think I might be a true irish mammy now! xx

  4. Wow you put me to shame! I am also intrigued by your new arrival....XXX

  5. Good for you for keeping busy! That's what summer is for ...and we know how constructive our autistic kids are when left to their own devices! I hope some day to get Audrey into a musical theater camp...maybe when she's a little older.

  6. @JEN: Soon, very soon!

    @LFBS: Well, I did only intend to do 2 camps for WiiBoy but Whizz Kids kinda snuck in there! I do get some explanation with regard to the annoyance. TBH it doesn't take a lot to annoy him. AS regards computers I have noticed one thing...When they're put into small groups the computer-literate kids will (to quote Wiiboy) hog the computer ;-)It takes a good instructor to deal with this (Take a bow Simon from IBM ;-))

    @HAMMIE: Awww....Boys are soo cute. And they do stay attached to their mummies for a bit longer! Welcome to the club Hammie!

    @JEAN: Ah, hey...see my reply to Blue Sky above..there was only supposed to be 2 camps! Plus, I only have one child!

    @LYNN: Don't you mean DESTRUCTIVE??!! ;-) !! After viewing Audrey's Ballet twirls I'd have her at my camp any day!!

    Thank you girlies for your comments!
    Piccies of our new addition soon !

    xx Jazzy

  7. Yes! inquiring minds want to know! I went to the same type of primary school as you did-only here in the states. I was terrified of Sister Catherine Marita! She would always yell "You're cruisin for a brusin" as she went after you with her ruler! Have had an irrational fear of nuns in wimples to this day.
    Isn't it lovely when our friends see the leaps and bounds our children have grown? sometimes we are so mired in the raising of them-we simply forget...Glad you have planned a lovely getaway in August. :)

  8. What a great recap of a very busy (and nicely scheduled!) month! I too can't wait to hear what's next!


  9. @KATHLEEN: We're from the same era .... you and I ;-) And yes, it does feel good when friends point that out. It's the other ones that used to piss me off. You know, the ones who see your child all improved and say; "see, I told ya there was nothing wrong with him/her". Grrrr!!

    @ALYSIA: Soon, very soon!!

    Thanks you two for commenting!

    xx Jazzy

  10. People "annoy" me a lot too, sometimes, of course, just like anyone else, due to the effort and thought they put into doing so, but often, I realise, just by "being", and, as I grow older, I have come to realise that it may not be entirely reasonable to expect them to stop doing that?

    You see the autistic mind has a nasty habit of locking on to an activity like a heat seeking missile, or else not being able to get into that activity at all, and when I look at that in myself it surprises me how little it has to do with what I like or want. There are LOADS of things I like and haven't been able to "lock on to" in ages...which is, frankly, a bummer :o(

    Anyway, when I DO get to "lock on the target" - any distraction can throw me right off, and that includes all the stuff most people do not even notice, or welcome as a pleasing distraction.

    That is infuriating.

    Then there is all the translating of the stuff people say that means something else - like "See you later" - at 1:30am - it doesn't GET much later - so HOW am I supposed to take that?

    Then there is all the translating of stuff people DON'T say (why they can't just say it instead is BEYOND me)...

    Yep, other people definately do annoy us...but, at least for now (until we work out how to outnumber them and seize control, which is hard to do single handed), all we can really do is practice tolerance and learn ways of coping with that...

    I am shocked that they were STILL hitting kids in school long after my time...

    They used the cane for boys and the ruler for girls in primary school, but I refused to accept that on the one occasion it was offered and gave quite a speech on the subject (as you would expect from an Aspie), as I was already nearly 6ft tall at 11 the (male)teacher recognised that discretion can indeed often be the better part of valour and determined that I had misunderstood his intention completely and would only need to stand out in the cloakroom until home time (Almost an hour away from all those annoying "other people", who said there is never a reward for standing on principle? ;o)).

  11. @FREEASDIRELAND:Thanks for dropping in and leaving such a lengthy comment. And for giving such insight.

    I suspect some of that may be occuring with WiiBoy. I know some of the times he doesn't process the verbal instructions as quickly as the others so gets stressed and would be easily annoyed.

    Sometimes he won't be told "no"and he likes to have things his own way. ASD or SCS (Single Child Syndrome!!)??

    So, when WiiBoy is locked onto his xbox activity and Mum here tries to get him off I'm distracting hence annoying him?? I'm tempted to say "tough" but know I'll just have to find another way around it 'cos he is gonna have to start getting off when asked....the first time!!

    Emm...don't think there's much between my time and yours! I left school in 1979.

    That was very brave to stand up like that although your height definitley helped I think. I know in my mother's time you'd be bashed for that! I know I did something very subtle to Biddy Burst the Bucket to make a point (I wasn't as brave as you!)can't remember what it was now but she did know what I was at. I did it again to another mean Irish teacher in secondary! Oh, it was sweet!

    xx Jazzy

  12. I love being able to get my son involved with other kids during the summer too. It's good for them!

  13. Hey! I gave you a couple of awards on my blog today! I have declared you both Versatile and Beautiful!

  14. You know it may even be worse than that? I just got a perfectly civil, ok text message when I wanted to be thinking and doing something it felt like a VIOLATION...just like it nearly always does...

    I am afraid, sometimes we Aspies really do need to learn to say "tough" to ourselves or who knows where we would wind up, and before we learn to say it to ourselves we need to get used to hearing someone else say it an odd time :o)

    We often "process the verbal instructions" just as fast as anyone else, but have far greater resources in terms of defying them...

    Kinda relieved you are not too long after my time (only three years) with all that whacking...but I wasn't being brave, with that teacher...I was just explaining and helping him get his mind is every Aspie's duty...
    *wide eyed innocence*

    He REALLY loved me for that :o)

  15. @KRISTY:Yes, it is indeed. Good to keep them occupied and out of mischief ;-)

    @LYNN: Ooh..awards...for lil ole me? How exciting!! Thank you so much...I'm going to pop over to yours and take a look :-)xx

    @FREEASDIRELAND: Interesting insights, yet again. Part of my guy's autism is Auditory Processing Disorder so he is slower on the uptake as a result. However he has a Black Belt in defiance ;-)

    Thanks again for your comment! xx


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