Scamp...Where is he now???

It's a year ago today that Scamp went missing.

And no sign of him ever since :((

We searched high and low but still couldn't find him.

We think of him every day and always keep an eye out for him.

WiiBoy mentions him often and would love to get him back. It upsets him still. And he says he wants another dog! Eh....NO! Not gonna happen.

I think of him constantly and still have the odd dream about him, although as he comes closer to me in my dreams I can no longer see his face. Even though I miss him I have to admit that there have been days when I was glad I didn't have to walk him as I simply didn't have the time. Nor do I miss the kenneling costs when we go on holidays. And I'm glad that he's not around to dig up the new lawn that cost us a fortune!

But still..... I'd take him back if we found him.

I wonder where he is now? With a new owner, no doubt. An owner who hasn't brought him to the vet since, or if he has the vet hasn't scanned him.

To all vets.... if a dog like this one comes into your veterinary practice please scan him.

To Scamp....... remember what I wrote to you last year? Well here's a reminder........

So, where are you Scampy??

Were any of those sightings you?

Are you wandering the streets or park(s), with everyone thinking you're with someone else and no-one noticing you're all alone , tired and hungry??

Were you very scared all alone last night in the storm??

Did you get that drink of water you were so dying for??

Are you finding food somewhere?

Or maybe you're like Lassie... and you're having an adventure. Maybe you've gone to help some child in trouble and will get home, defying all the odds, when you're done.

I hope you didn't wander into the itinerant's camp like you did before.... that wasn't a very pleasant experience.

Maybe you followed someone home and they've taken you in and magicked away your ID tag? If so I hope they're treating you well. And Scampy.... Pssst.....listen up now, ya hear?..... if you're in someone else's house you have my absolute permission to do what you do best. YOU CAN:
  • Jump on any settee/chair you wish ANY time you wish!
  • Eat said furniture!
  • Climb on the kitchen Table and lick the plates "clean"!!
  • Poo EVERY where.. and eat some of it .... preferably in front of them as they're eating their dinner!!
  • Scratch their back door to bits...and their front door. Hell, scratch ALL of their doors to bits!

If you do all of this Scampy..... They'll want to get rid of you and they'll hand you in somewhere pretending they've just found you.

If that doesn't work Scampy, they have to exercise you and I've told EVERYBODY to look out for you. When they walk you Scampy, escape the first chance you get and find your way home.... I know you can!

But...psssst, Scampy....when you come home, none of the above applies! Normal service will resume!! But you will get lots and lots of hugs and treats. And I will never give out about you again.That's a promise.

The fact he's micro chipped is giving us hope. I've talked to so many people with stories of dogs turning up after some time. Petunia's friend's dog got into a bin and was found on the following week's bin day! My Abu-Dhabi childhood pal tells me her dog went missing for 6 weeks before being handed into a vet. A woman told me today about a husky stolen from a garden found wandering in Bray 4 months later....he'd been dumped when they realised he was chipped. There was even a dog re-united with it's owner after 2 years.

All reasons to be hopeful.

So, Scampy... we're looking for you sweetie.

And Scampy ....... Be like Lassie, ..... and come home.



A dog similar to Scamp has been seen not too long ago in Wicklow town. He could be ANYWHERE at this stage so people.... please, please keep an eye out for our Scampy.

Thank you.

xx Jazzy


  1. Oh Jazzy-I'm sorry he has been gone so long...I'm hoping he is just having an adventure as well-and will send you a postcard. :) In the mean time-I have three dogs that do all of those things you gave your scamp permission to do (in someone elses house) I was relieved to see that my dogs weren't the only ones to eat their is dinner time here..

  2. I'm sorry, too, he's been gone so long. We had a cat named Sadie that got out when we lived in North Carolina. I searched for her for months. Dreamed about her for years. She's been gone (and has no doubt passed on, as her brother, who we also had, died seven years ago at the age of 12) since 1995. It seems like a blink, you know? It's the not knowing, I think, the lack of an opportunity to say goodbye, to know she was safe with new owners.

    Your posts on your dog were the first I read on your blog. It's hard to believe that was a year ago.


  3. Oh that's so sad :( I didn't know about Scamp, I just hope that you get some good news soon xx

  4. I hope he is safe and happy, but more than that I hope he is returned home soon XXX

  5. @KATHLEEN: Oh I'd settle for a postcard at this stage! Although, if he does come back to us I do hope he's grown out of the poo-eating stage!

    @KWOMBLES: I can't believe it's a year either! That's gas...that you dreamed about your cat for years. I think I'll do the same with Scamp.

    @BLUE SKY. Thanks. yeah, I reckoned a few regular readers wouldn't know about it... poor ould Scamp:(

    @JEAN. Thank you :)

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    xx Jazzy

  6. Ah jazzy - that broke my heart! I just hope that wherever he is, he is safe happy and loved and that one day he finds his way home! And then we'll have a party for him!

  7. Goodness! One year already!

    I always think of Scamp when I open your blog, his picture jumps at me, and I wonder... every time!

    Poor WiiBoy, not easy for him!

  8. A whole year, I bet Wiiboy misses Scamp lots. Sounds like you do too, despite the poo thing! Jen

  9. Its hard to believe that a year has passed already. I really hope that he's happy and being taken care of. (((hugs))) xx


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