Lazing in Lovely Lanzarote

The Jazzys are just back from a twelve night holiday in lovely Lanzarote. Hot temperatures , but not too hot,  with a lovely breeze coming in from the sea which was just on our doorstep! Lovely food and lots of wine made for a very nice and relaxing holiday! The biggest concern was when to turn over and roast the other side of my body! Yes, it was a very lazy holiday indeed!

We stayed in the Vic Hotel San Antonio and while a hotel room for two weeks is not ideal (we much prefer a roomy apartment) everything else was fine.

We had a lovely view from the Terrace...

We admired their very popular trees which we named Trush...'cos at first we couldn't decide if they were a tree or a bush!! The leaves come out of the pineapple shape thing, you see....and then the trunk follows!

                                         Resting by the Palmera Tree...AKA The Trush!

WiiBoy loved playing in the pool for hours and thankfully, this hotel allows children wear T shirts and hats in the pool. Some hotels and Aqua parks have silly rules regarding this practice!

And while he got to play on the beach a bit too, lazy mum here much preferred the pool! Hey...there's volcanic ash mixed in the sand ya know and when the wind whips it up it feels like you're being shot at with a million pellets! I swear, it's true!!

I enjoyed the pool too, especially when I got to do Water Gym most days! Now, before you laugh..or proclaim: "what on earth is she at?" let me explain! My fractured coccyx is almost fully healed and I really want to get back to the gym so this was a really good way of putting my coccyx to the test, as the water takes all the pressure off!

Besides Jani, the Instructor was kinda cute AND he kept lifting his T shirt to show us his ...... 6 pack! He swore we'd look like that when we we're going home. I guess the post work-out glass of beer or wine didn't help much on that front....... sigh!  The other thing was, I was probably the youngest in the class most days!

That was the strange thing about this Hotel that they don't mention on the website....the clientele. They're old. There are some young couples and some children and some Iron Men too! I guess the barman of the local Irish watering hole described it best when he said "it's full of the Newly weds and the Nearly Deads"!! Yup. That pretty much sums it up!

Every evening after dinner (we were half-board...really makes a holiday affordable!) there was Mini-Disco for the younger children followed immediately by adult dancing. It was like a Tea Dance! Elevator/keyboard music .."and now , take to the floor for the Cha-cha-cha" etc; etc! Oh my! It was fun to watch, after a while, and some were quite good at it. It was romantic to see the oldies dancing together. No fear of Mr Jazzy sweeping me up on the dance floor though! He wasn't too happy getting his picture taken...never mind dancing!

Needless to say we didn't hang around the hotel after the first few nights. Although I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if they gave dance lessons round the pool during the day so all could join in later...and lots of room keys being handed out!!! Or, more importantly, if there could be a Dirty Dancing session late at night!! As cute as Jani was, sadly he was no Patrick Swayze...... sigh..... I can but dream!!

Some of the oldies weren't too tolerant of children in the pool. Children splash you see....I did try to prevent it as much as I could but, they're kids for goodness sake. One "lady", who was Irish as it happens, roared at WiiBoy and his new English pal. That really annoyed me...who does she think she is? You know if it's true (and it is) that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones then people who sit right at the pool edge (so the parents can't) shouldn't throw tantrums, when they get wet. Then there was the adult, who apparently changed his hand from flat palm to fist and took a sly side-swipe at WiiBoy when passing him doing the breast stroke. Or so WiiBoy told me the next day. I never saw him again so couldn't challenge him. I was sure ready to challenge Mrs loud mouth again though, but it wasn't necessary... she just glared rather than roared at him! The ould boot!

While we pretty much stayed by the pool we did do one fabulous trip to the South of the island to see the Fire Mountain and the lava fields...tons and tons of lava fields! The last time we were here in Lanzarote was 11 years ago.....when I was 3 months pregnant with WiiBoy! We did this trip then too and knowing Wiiboy's penchant for Volcanoes and precious stones I knew he'd love this.......

                                                    Fire Mountain in the background.

We witnessed some experiments

                              Visited the Green Lagoon at El Golfo (Algae colours the water green) and              collected some of the Olivino Peridot they use to make their famous jewellery.

                                       The Virgin Cloak...Lava formation in the shape of a Mantle

                                                       We did a Camel Ride...

                                        Camels can get "tired" sometimes too you know!!

That was a really lovely trip, we really enjoyed it.

I came home from that holiday a week ago, totally refreshed and promising myself all sorts of silly things. Like, how I would try not to let all the upcoming events and chores overwhelm me and how I would make lots of "me" time, now that I'd been reminded what it feels like to be totally relaxed! We need regular holidays to recapture that feeling methinks! Silly me though, so far all has not gone according to plan. You see, some silly interfering busy body sped up the merry-go-round of life while I was away! I could not keep up with it... I do not remember it spinning so fast before I went on holiday!!
However, this is the start of a new week, WiiBoy has been off school so Wednesday is my starting point! 

So, come on sun...please come back. Whenever you shine I hereby proclaim that I shall banish all housewifely chores and bow to your superior command....... sunbathing ;-)

xx Jazzy


  1. Hi Jazzy! Sounds like a lovely holiday-great pictures as well. I can't stand mean pool people..they always seem to get annoyed at every splash of water..or noise. Love the idea of water exercise...although here in the is usually filled with women wearing the oddest bathing caps on their heads...guess they don't want to get their bouffants wet? :)

  2. Hi Jazzy

    I loved your account of your holiday in Lanzarote!

    Your Trush is a Canarian palm tree, there are mainly two kinds here the ones with banana shaped leaves and a Washington has a hand shaped leaf.

    I laughed out loud at the newly wed or nearly dead reference :)

    Come back soon, don't leave it another 11 years!

  3. I am sooo jealous glad you had a great time and Wiiboy seemed to have enjoyed it as well x

  4. Oh KATHLEEN...that is a photo I would really love to see!! Sounds hilarious!

    Hi JULESCJ. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment...I really appreciate that! Thanks also for the info on our Trush.... we did indeed notice that there were two different types! I hope it doesn't take that long for us to go back is a lovely place. I want to bring WiiBoy to see the caves next time!

    Thanks IRISH MAMMY!

    Thank you all for your comments. xx Jazzy

  5. My boy likes volcanoes too, so I'd say he'd have loved Lanzarote too. As for me, well 12 days lazing around a pool sounds like heaven :D Glad you had a good time xx

  6. oh it looks fab!!!!! delighted you had such a lovely time XXX

  7. Aaaaah... Holidays... Sunshine and heat... I'm starting to think holidays too, trying to decide where to go... I am so jaleous of you right now!

    Sounds like you had a good time - apart from the meanies, but they always come out of the woodwork, don't they?

  8. I LOVE trushs!! Great photos Jazzy, I was in Lanzarote quite a few years ago and really enjoyed it too:)


  9. Looks like a fabulous holiday! Glad you got to get away and had such a lovely time!

  10. Through your photos it seems that you have enjoyed a lot on your holidays to Lanzarote, i wish i could accompany you over there.
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