Reasons to be Cheerful..... Part 2

I was delighted to receive the Happiness 101 award from Petunia recently! Like the Sunshine Blog Award before it, it was perfectly timed as the ideal antidote to my previous, more serious, SNA Post.

When I was a novice blogger with  very few followers (and no facebook to network it) way back in November 2008, I did a similar post listing 10 things that brought a smile to my face that week. I've just read it back with great pleasure and it's funny to see how different things are for us now. We were in a whole other place then! Literally, as we were between two houses at the time!

In order to claim this award I must 10 things that make me happy and then nominate some other victims...em recipients! This list of 10 is a little more challenging then my previous list as it has a "daily" element to it. So here goes......


Our little family....... Mr Jazzy, WiiBoy and I! Of course!


 Starting each and every day with a wake up snuggle with WiiBoy. It really is the only way to start the day! In fact, it's a bit of a family snuggle too as he's usually in our bed so he gets squashy hugs from both sides! Luckily enough WiiBoy is still young enough to want and request numerous snuggles throughout the day so that makes me really happy and I intend to make the most of it while it lasts.


My morning bucket cup of tea. Oh God, I need that morning cup of tea and it's good to know I'm not alone in this....that right Jean?!! I wait until I get WiiBoy to school and then I come home and really savour that cuppa with toast and a read of my book. Bliss! It's gas I actually get a withdrawl headache by lunchtime if I don't have that morning cuppa! But it's ok, I'm not a closet tea drinker. I mean there's no hidden stash of used or unused Teabags hidden behind sofas etc to disguise my addiction!


 The days (very rare, I swear) when I get to take that cuppa and book back to bed and get some extra rest. Sure it's the simple things in life that does it. I now have WiiBoy in on my secret and on Mr Jazzy's golf mornings, or Easter school holidays, we both get to have brekkie in bed!! Heaven!


 (OK.... this one is written in italics and parenthesis, well there's no whisper font, as this is a secret. My big secret, daily  lunchtime tryst with sambo yet another cuppa and......... Home and Away! But, shhhhh.......don't tell! Promise? Wouldn't do my street cred any good if this got out!)

6. HOME.....

 Our extension. I'm still wallowing in the novelty of our "new" extension and love lying on the crescent shaped sofa reading my book (or listening to my new iTouch.) Especially when the sun is shining through our new velux windows. Even on a cold day if feels like sunbathing, so cosy is our extension!
 It's also nice to lie there, of an evening and see the full moon shine through the same velux windows...with all the lights switched off. Magical. It also makes me really happy to snuggle up with WiiBoy with nice cuddly blankets/Duvet and watch movies! Mr Jazzy also sometimes joins us!


My new fireplace. When I'm not in the extension I like to sit in the sitting room, watch TV/read book/listen to/play with my iTouch ( did I mention how much I LOVE my new iTouch??!) and admire my fireplace! Sad, I know but I love the stones we carefully handpicked from the beach and I especially love when the candles are lighting! I know, I know....even Mr Jazzy thinks I'm loopy on this one! But look at the fireplace we had before.........

Now, you see what I mean! I never tire of the changes we've made in this house......


Getting my usually daily fix of SATC re-runs! I never tire of it. Of course I also love my weekly dose of   Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives!


This is definitely not daily but I love the rare occasion that myself and Mr Jazzy get to go out. There's no chance of a night away on our own (no family nearby to mind him.... although The Cuz has offered so might take her up on that!) so I enjoy whenever we get to go out together. I think that's why we regularly go to pub for tea. It's our night out, even though WiiBoy comes too...... but we really do enjoy it.


Facebook and Blogging. I know there are some who feel this is a sad existence but it's not ! It's fulfilling, enlightening and FUN! Just think of all the people I've met that I wouldn't have otherwise met and am now proud and honoured to call friends. Plus, think of all the friends of old that I've caught up with. Blogging keeps my mind active! Over active at times, to be honest, but it's fulfilling and fun and it's especially nice to get comments and new followers! And you know I'm not the most techie person in the universe so this has helped my computer and communication skills, and I wouldn't be ashamed or afraid to mention it in any C.V./ Interview if I ever chose to go back to  "paid" employment. So there!

Well, this post has been fun to do and has made me appreciate the wonderful life we have here in the Jazzy house! So, let me pass this on to other unsuspecting victims, I mean willing participants. Hmmmmm.....let me see...... OK..... I tag the following:

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Enjoy! It's fun to do and really great to look at again in the future! 

xx Jazzy


  1. Psst *whispers* I love H&A too so watch it ahead of time on youtube if I can't wait to see how a plot develops. *saunters away nonchanantly* Jen.

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  3. Nice post!! Thanks for the tag, I probably do need to lighten it up before I start a demonstration outside Anglo or something crazy like that lol. I will have a think and post on it soon. Happy Easter (no connection again until Monday evening)!!

  4. Congrats on your award. Great list you have there :)

  5. Love the list, and am VERY pleased to see you have got your priorities right lol!! Life without tea would be like Vic without Bob, Laurel without Hardy, the RC church without's just not right.
    I too wear my addiction with pride!
    I love lazy mornings too...if I was an animal I'd like to be anything that hibernates.
    Your home looks fab too!

  6. Thanks JEN!! So good to know I'm not alone....hey, it's up to us how we chose to spend our lunch half hour!! Psst....thanks for the youtube hint. Hah...guess who's now *sauntering away nonchalantly* and *whistling softly*....

    Oh enjoy IRISH MAMMY! Sure I've just done The Choking Game (very serious post) so you are NOT alone. It is good to mix it up isn't it?? I like my blog to mirror my life as I hop from one thing to another!

    Thanks CASDOK! Hope you and C are keeping well.

    Hahaha JEAN!! I just KNEW you'd appreciate that. It is sooo good to have a partner in crime! and....em....I shoved everything out of camera shot! My home resembles a tip at the moment. Damn school holidays...get nuthin done ;-)

    Thanks for all your comments! xx Jazzy

  7. Thanks so much, Jazzy! I love the topic, and I will certainly write my list in my next "Lowdown" post! xoxo

  8. I love your list! I too share your addiction...urr..I mean love of my first big cup (except mine is coffee) is the morning! I wouldn't be able to function with out a vat..I mean pot of it the fireplace..and lyinf down for a read in the sun..and snuggeling in bed..only mine have gotten so big..that when all four do join us for a snuggle..I am afraid of being squished to death.(because if the kids jump up-so must the three dogs) Not a bad way to go though..:)

  9. Ah now Jazzy, you shouldn't have! And me thinking I could take it easy for a while...! I need a bit of time though, I'm way behind on my blogging-catching-up.

    But I can identify with the Lazy Mornings, in bed with a book and a pot of coffee (in my case)... hmmm, heaven!

    And I undertand about your fireplace, it's so much nicer than the pre-flood one!

  10. What a cozy and wonderful life you have, you appreciate every detail and that is great! I love learning things like this about my friends, it brings us closer and makes me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Just got around to it know, am so jealous of your fireplace!

  12. Thank you TANYA..... hope you enjoy doing the post!

    Thanks also KATHLEEN, you give new meaning to a group hug in your house!! Glad we have similar "tastes"! You're welcome to join in and do your own list??!!

    Sorry NAN P for landing you with it again.... I like to spread these memes around ;-)

    Thanks to you too LORA. It is a good way of getting to know our blog/FB friends isn't it? And for acknowledging the good in your life! Feel free to do one of your own!

    In fact : KATHLEEN and LORA consider yourselves post-tagged!! TBH, I got fed up doing all the links so I cheated! Sorry!!

    Thanks I.M..... I LOVE my fireplace! Will pop over and check out your list soon!

    In fact, just like Nan P, I have quite a lot of blog catching up to do. These school hols are playing havoc with my computer time ;-))

    xx Jazzy


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