Hope SPRINGS Eternal...

......As we walked down our lane (with a happy refrain) last Sunday.

It was a lovely sunny day, which was a nice change after all the recent  long cold, dark days! I decided I'd had enough of seeing WiiBoy parked in front of a screen and got us all wrapped up for a short walk down our lane to the beach.

It's been a while since we'd been on this walk. We've been so busy, you see. Would we remember the way I wondered!

Of course we did.And we brought some carrots with us.....


                                                      .............. To feed the horses.
Just as we ran out of carrots the foal appeared.......

...so he had to make do with a pat on the head!

So, off we went to our lovely stoney beach which is literally a stones throw away, if you'll pardon the pun!

WiiBoy was delighted because the tide was out....

And it wasn't long before he got his coat off....


And got straight down to work....

Making tracks and damns and re-arranging the flow of water, just like he did last time!

He gets such fun out of this. An Engineer-in-the-making?? An Entrepreneurial Engineer, that is ;-)

Eventually I dragged him away and we trotted back up the lane. On the way we found some hay and took some with us....

                                                    .......so the foal got fed too!!

Back home, change of clothes then out on the trampoline!!


Oh, don't you just love these days? Now, it was cold but it was SUNNY! It's been sunny and cold for the last two days which makes me think spring is here and it won't be long 'til summer. Happy Days!

'Tis enough to put you in good humour!

But has Spring sprung?

WiiBoy constantly tells me Spring begins Feb 1st, because that's what he's taught in school.

On the radio yesterday we were told "Yippee, it's Spring...1st of March!"

According to a texter to a radio station, and Yahoo answers  Spring will not be Sprung until March 20th, the Vernal Equinox.

So there! Glad we got that one sorted.

For now though, I'll just sit back and look at this one last photo from last year and dream about being on the beach again, very soon, watching WiiBoy splash about in the sea with his pals!


I hope you're experiencing some nice weather wherever you are and are feeling that Spring bounce in your step!

xx Jazzy


  1. Lovely pics! I do hope it's on its way with it now being coldest Christmas since 1963!

  2. it's really good to feel spring in the air...great to see WiiBoy making the most of it too xxx

  3. It is such a relief to have a bit of sun, I have been out with the children too, trying to make the most of it. Love the photos Jazzy, I hope we all get plenty more opportunities for great photos:) Jen.

  4. Lovely post, it lifts your heart to see sunny dry days and somehow things don't seem so bad as they did before, hope we get many more good days and Wii boy gets to spend lots of time on the beach playing with his friends. xxx

  5. great blog and very uplifting, your pics look great, id love to have a beach that close, roll on warmer days, im getting butterfly a trampoline for her bday so hope she gets as much enjoyment as Wiiboy from the loook of his pic xx

  6. Great photos!

    The sunshine of the last few days makes such a difference!

    Here's to a good summer ...

  7. The sunshine really does lift the spirits :) Lovely pics missus xx

  8. The sunshine really does lift the spirits :) Lovely pics missus xx

  9. They are wonderful pics...what a lovely day. I love going to the ocean in the winter/spring..:)

  10. What a lovely day. And how wonderful that someone has helpfully tethered some hosses nearby. (;)


  11. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    And it's yet another sunny (but cold) day here in Dublin!! Long may this continue.... xx Jazzy

  12. theres nothing like sun in the sky to cheer you up and get your motivation in check

    we too have been enjoying the few days and they keep coming yipeeee

    so looking forward to summer and maybe a holiday if funds are good

    enjoy jazzy, beautiful pics xx


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