Sunday Sojourn in Dublin City.....

Wiiboy and I had our annual get together with my Cuz and her almost-10-year-old boy J, my Godson, last Sunday in town. It was our..... ahem.... annual CHRISTMAS get together! We were a tad tardy this year in organising this reunion, as a badly timed Birthday party for WiiBoy (work day), a late night trip to the Hospital and a pesky Panto conspired to delay this much anticipated annual event!

We try to get together a couple of times a year but as we live on opposite sides of Dublin Bay (Rush and Shankill) it can be difficult to arrange.

Sometimes I think .... wouldn't it be great if there was a ferry operating from Rush (they have a harbour) and Bray?? It could stop in Dun Laoghaire and the Docks (City centre....kind of!) and Howth on the way. Now there's a start-up idea in these jobless times, even if it is born out of frustration at traffic and problematic Public Transport. Perhaps that's just me being fanciful though!

Luckily we have the usually dependable Dart (train) service here in Shankill so I NEVER drive into town. Wouldn't dream of it. Of course the once in a blue moon trip I do make on the Dart usually involves some cock-up! This Sunday, as we traveled (laden down with Christmas parcels) the Dart, due to engineering works, was only operating for 5 stops, then a shuttle bus to re-connect with the Dart for a further 3 stops....Planes, Trains and Automobiles!! We decided to get the Bus the whole way home and let me tell ya..... the seating and suspension on Public Transport vehicles does NOTHING to assist a coccyx that is trying very hard to reunite!! Have to say though, the Public Transport personnel I met that day get a major thumbs up from me. Professional and helpful.

So, the Cuz, J, WiiBoy and I finally met up in the Temple Bar area of Dublin and had lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe. It was lovely but quite expensive. No family or lunch deals of any kind whilst  Thunder Road Cafe across the road had "Kids eat free" deals and I know TGI Fridays and Pizza Hut have good deals too. I know where we won't be going next time! Although the staff were nice, and so was the Pinot Grigio!

The boys had a chance to catch up, as did we, although initially WiiBoy was more interested in his Nintendo. You see J isn't as interested and Wiiboy has to be more considerate of his friend's interests too;)) But they found a mutual interest....having a look around the memorabilia shop! Oh, they were giggling, messing and taking photos of silly stuff on their phones! We were beginning to get The Look so we decided that a walk up Grafton Street on this cold, but lovely sunny Sunday was just the ticket.

So, off we trotted up Grafton street to see some street performers, we hoped. There were only two unfortunately, a band called Mutefish  who's music is described as a celtic rock blend (they're very good) and a guy blowing enormous bubbles. Which WiiBoy insisted on bursting! I had just convinced him not to (we wanted to see how long they'd last) when other children came along and did exactly the same!

At the top of Grafton Street is an old Dublin Landmark..... St Stephens' Green. A 27 acre green park with ducks, swans, a fountain, a bandstand and a playground right in the heart of the city center.   This park was enclosed in 1664 and laid out in it's present form in 1880.

I don't think there's a family in Dublin who hasn't spent some family time in this park, steeped with history! The Cuz and I were brought by our respective parents when we were young. Well, it's free and money wasn't plentiful then. Just like now. We have some family photos somewhere and The Cuz distinctly remembers photos taken of her family at one of the many monuments in the park.

I believe this was WiiBoy's first trip to the park. The first thing you see when you walk in is the duck pond and when younger, WiiBoy had a natural inbuilt impulsiveness to run towards and immerse himself in ANY body of water, ANYWHERE in his peripheral vision!!

More trustworthy now, of course! Here's the two dudes....right before WiiBoy decided that terrorising the pigeons might be more fun (or "funner" as he himself would say!).......


He had great fun chasing them, until I explained they had tiny hearts and frighten easily. Sensing once more we were getting The Look (probably all in my head) we moved on.

WiiBoy saw the swans and sat calmly down at the waters edge to admire. J joined him and then the swan became curious.....


       and curioser still.........

Ahh....a hungry swan nibbling the bottom of his new runners!!

Knowing how frisky and dangerous Swans can get we found a piece of bread and threw it in......


So peace resumed...for a short time. The swan came back and began chewing at their feet again! Perhaps this was nature's revenge for terrorising the pigeons earlier! As we were definitely getting The Look from the swan we moved on yet again!!

 This time we visited the fountain. I LOVE this fountain and have fond memories of it. Particularly during a break in the Aer Lingus rehearsals of the John Player Tops, National Finals 1989. We were rehearsing in the nearby Gaiety Theatre so we dropped into St Stephens Green to kill some time. It was such fun, all 20/30 of us doing  Grand Jetes around the fountain, a la Fame which was very popular at the time!

Today though, WiiBoy had his own fun in mind and was getting more "active" by the minute! J of course, tagged along for the ride! While we were busy chatting we noticed WiiBoy's  jacket was off and J came over with his fleece sleeve saturated. We were definitely getting The Look from a couple with their young child. A boy. Give it a few years love and he'll be as bad, I felt like saying! After all, all boys are like this, aren't they? 

So, I guessed he was no longer able to contain himself and would end up in the fountain yet so decided it was time to leave the park! Called him over and asked what he was doing. He held out his hands and showed me......" Look mum, I got 26 cents and a 20 kroner coin"!!! (It was a small Polish coin)  Ha ha ha ha ...... they'd been fishing for the wishing money!! Can't go wrong there!

Hmmmm...Hyper child, OR an entrepreneur in the making???

So, we then departed and made our separate journeys home, with promises to meet again soon for J's birthday.

We met Mr Jazzy and WiiBoy had another fizzy drink....was fizzy drinks the cause of the exuberance today??  Possibly.

However, as he had quite a hyper day in school yesterday (and somewhat today also) I'm thinking I've got to get up to date on his MorEPA , as he hasn't been getting them regularly.

So, maybe Sunday's exuberance wasn't normal boys-will-be-boys stuff after all. I really didn't think it was.

Perhaps we have an exuberant child...... with a strong entrepreneurial streak ;)

Go WiiBoy!  xx Jazzy


  1. Ahhh, Jazzy, the photographs are lovely. Looks like you had a great day out and given the weather we had around Christmas time your tardiness in celebrating worked out very well:) Jen.

  2. Sounds like a great day, and I love the pictures!

  3. Lovely photos and a great day out!

  4. You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................

  5. what fab may have the next Richard Branson on your hands there lol xxx

  6. Brill pictures!! Your little wii boy looks like a real rapper in the making !!

  7. Thanks for the comments girls.

    A rapping Richard Branson/Michael O'Leary/Bill Cullen??? hehehe!! xx Jazzy


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