Spreading The Sunshine.

I felt honoured and humbled this week to receive a blog award.....not once but twice. So I want to say a very big thank you to Jen from The King and I and I  and Jean from Planet Outreach for bestowing on me the salubrious Sunshine Award which takes pride of place on my blog's sidebar! Who needs The Brits when you have this Universal Award...eh??!!

Awards are a lovely way of honouring and acknowledging our fellow bloggers and hey....they make you feel good too! They're also a great decoration on our sidebars and rank up there along with comments and new followers. Did I mention another seven followers and I'll have fifty followers?? Not hinting or anything...just saying like! Well.....it's nice round figure, fifty, isn't it? the big 5 Oh!! Oh well.....sigh!

So, back to the more important job in hand ........  Spreading some Sunshine. It is with great pleasure that I share this award with:

WiiBoy over at Wiiboy Blades of Fire for being my ray of sunshine! Nepotism I know.... but he's the best!

Kathleen  at Autism Herd for telling her tales with such humour...particularly her last post!

Coolkid over at Maddies Ramblings (and The Fabulous Mr Luca) for sharing her stories with us and always commenting over here! I'll leave you to your own spot of nepotism Coolkid;))

Lora over at  My Beautiful Child Griffin and Autism  for her lovely blog and all the lovely facebook comments and wall posts! You spread your own brand of sunshine Lora!

Andra at The Perfect Storm...... for her honest Blog Posts and for all her comments here and on facebook! I'm hoping this award will spark another Bblog Post from her ;))

Looking For Bluesky for her varied posts...you're like me C, blogging about whatever takes your fancy! Here's a little sunshine to go with the blue sky I know you'll find.

3laine for her very informative posts and the very helpful comments she's left over here.

The fabulous, bi-lingual Nan P who keeps me regaled with stories about her gorgeous Little Prince Charming....and other stuff too!

To Jen and Jean....right back at ya! Always enjoy reading both your witty and humorous Blog Posts.

To Petunia for her wonderful and informative Blog Posts.

And last but not least to the Queen of all us bloggers ..... the wonderful, wise and witty Hammie over at Hammiesblog! I've no doubt you've been inundated with this award but here it is again from me!

I'd also like to acknowledge all the new bloggers in our little blogging community so I'm exceeding my quota and selecting Popsie over at Crazy World  to represent this group. Well done Popsie, I look forward to reading more from you!

Now.....go forth all you winners of this salubrious award and spread some sunshine of your own  ;))

xx Yours truly...the "Bolshie" and "Feisty" Jazzy!!

These two tags also bestowed on me this week! I'll wear both with pride ;)


  1. Congrats on your sunshine award and for sharing the glory with the rest of us. I enjoy reading every one of your blogs and I will indeed blog again soon, just figuring out whats the next installment :). Thankyou once again. xxx

  2. why thank you very much i'm honered, touched that you would mention li'l ole me an me just new to all this here writin an' stuff!!! you are the true ray of sunshine here thanks jazzy xx

  3. Congrats, the award looks very fetching on your sidebar:) Jen.

  4. Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing!

  5. thanks Bolshie!

    I've stolen Candi's 99 (and yes I would quite happily steal another bloggers 99 flake icecream) if you want to have a go at that one. xx

  6. Congrats and thank you for being so kind as to share with us! It has been a pleasure to read your blog and to have a glimpse into what it is that you do...you know I love dance so it is truly fun for me to keep up with your blog. And the personal touch is always endearing as well. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    I need to catch up on mine, haven't really added anything personal in awhile, think that I will do that this weekend actually.

    Hugs as always!!!

  7. Thank you sooo much Jazzy :) xxxx

  8. Thanks so much Jazzie! I am honored to be mentioned among all those wonderful blogs..AND I am thankful that you share so much of your experience with all of us.
    As for your comments on my last post-you hit the nail on the head. My mom WAS Irish! :)

  9. Oh thank you thank you thank you.

    I love flower + I love sunshine = I love this award.

    “Fabulous” – Did you say “Fabulous”? Too much, really!

    I do accept it.

    Seriously, Jazzy, you “jazz up” what can be very difficult topics. Your blog is part of this whole new education I have been steeped into in the last 2 years or so: Special Needs. Thank you for your sharings, and for the little choreography that goes with it from time to time.

  10. Well done to you all, you are all most welcome and thanks for the lovely comments!

    HAMMIE: that looks alike a lot of work! Think I'd prefer the flake icecream!! Don't think there's anything left for me to share! I will check it out though...

    Hah KATHLEEN...I KNEW it!! Had to be some Irish influence there alright...it all makes sense now!!

    Yes NAN P.....fabulous!! Glad you like the award and thanks for reading my blog for all this time. xx Jazzy


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