Jazzy and John Player Tops Embraces GOOD NEWS FRIDAY.

Dublin 20/01/2010

FOR RELEASE 22/01/2010

John Player Tops Performers reunited by
Social Networking Site after 12 Years.

John Player Tops (previously Tops of the Town) was one of the longest running competitive entertainment events in Ireland, which ran from 1962 to 1997. Its televised National Finals topped the TAM ratings every year.

Two former John player Tops performers recently set up a facebook page which gained 411 members in two weeks. Our aim is to reunite as many JPT performers as possible to share our memories, photos, DVDs and to arrange a spectacular reunion.

We now call on all John Player Tops performers to join us on this facebook link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=242736556460 or to contact us at the
links below.

This message is sent in a spirit of positivity as part of Good News Friday, a whole day dedicated to good news.


Paul Furey, email: tops@reallygrandevents.com, Mob: (087) 2488882
Val O’Donovan, email: valmodonovan@eircom.net, Mob: (087) 9801366

Jazzygal has got all caught up in the spirit of positivity and has joined in with spreading some good news stories for Good News Friday, the brainchild of mediaexpress.ie.  This is our Media release.Please share! xx Jazzy


  1. It really sounds like you've started something here, hope you get lots of publicity, you deserve it!

  2. Sounds like great fun - enjoy it all!

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  4. Well done Jazzy, I hope the FB group is a great success:) Jen.

  5. Thanks all for your comments! Thanks also Veronica for your visit.

    We got 1 definite result from our Release and some emails that hopefully will be followed up on. xx Jazzy

  6. We'll done. Can't wait to hear you on the radjo! Sounds like a Gerry Ryan or tom dunne thing to me! xx

  7. Hi Jazzy, this is a personal message in answer to the last comment you left on my blog: I hope that you are recovering, it sounds VERY painful! What a pair we make, hey?

    Today is my first day without any painkillers in 2 weeks, so progress is showing. Going back to work tomorrow morning... Will do my brain some good I am sure!

    Take care of yourself, ok?

  8. Thanks Hammie....haven't heard back from him yet though!

    Thanks Nan P for dropping by with your message. Your injury far worse so you mind yourself. Take it easy going back to work.

    Not a lot can be done for my injury, it just has to heal by itself which I believe can take a long time. Particularly as I don't have time to rest! I wasn't even given pain killers....I'm just on Solpadeine and Difene. It does ache from time to time but it'll be fine! Thanks again:)) xx Jazzy


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