To Sir With Love.....

It's almost two weeks now since we attended a very special and highly emotive Mass, followed by a party in a very posh house, to wish a lovely, charismatic man well in his retirement. Yes, our beloved and extremely supportive school principal, Mr C has now officially retired.

It is safe to say that there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Many eloquent words were spoken on the night by people more eloquent than I. Some of his co-workers, including the incoming new principal Mr H,  spoke so highly and eloquently about him as did two guests in the congregation. Mary Hanafin, who gives a very amusing speech at Panto-time each year, gave her usual clever repartee. She was preceded by our local politician Eamon Gilmore, who's children also attended the school and who gave an equally clever and amusing speech! Both of course were hilariously upstaged by our Panto Dame who made a special appearance on the night! Oh yes she did!

There really isn't much else I can say about this man that hasn't already been said. However I really feel the need to devote a post to him to express how his passion for education, children and inclusion has had a huge impact on our lives.

Come and meet our illustrious Mr C....

As I've already said he is a man passionate about education, the children (and the special children) and he is also just as passionate about The Blues, BB King and Elvis Presley!

He works hard for the children, the school and the community at large and always has an eye on the bigger picture.

Inclusion for Mr C doesn't just apply to the special children, oh no. It extends to all areas of the school and the greater community including providing support for the local Tidy Towns and Scan Magazine, to name but two examples.

He has adorned the corridor walls with pictures of the children involved in momentous occasions and also with copies of very newsworthy items, usually of historic value, appearing in newspapers.

He is a fun guy who sends you funny jokes by text and whose ringtone on his phone is a jazzy little number....    I always feel the need to dance when I hear that phone going off when I'm in his office! A real ice-breaker I would think, if at a difficult meeting!

He is also likely to send you a text when least expected, telling you where he is and what he's usually involves climbing a mountain or two and having a well earned glass of red!

Mr C is a very, very VERY busy man who has to organise himself well to get jobs done. However he is so busy that he doesn't have time to access a computer, choosing instead to rely on his good ole faithful manual computer..... his Clipboard!! Seriously! It is a very effective system too, I must say and prompted the lead picture for this post!

As terribly busy as the man is he always makes time for you. His door is always open.

Mr C co-founded the Panto with our Panto Dame 15 years ago, so I guess it's fair to say that he's passionate about Panto too. He has taken an onstage role in every production..... except this one :-(

I have been involved, in one way and another, in most of the Panto productions and it is through Panto that I have gotten to know him.

It was through Panto that I decided that any child of mine would attend this school. This decision was based on two events that resonated strongly with me.

I distinctly remember in the very first panto I did, when WiiBoy wasn't even a twinkle in anyone's eye, being in the dressing room classroom alone with him whilst everyone else was on stage. We had a fascinating conversation in which he waxed lyrical about English, reading and educating the children.

The second event occurs every year, when I see this bearded Principal willing to take to the stage in whatever costume his role dictates. A bear? A Giant? An Ape? A ...Nurse? No problem for the all inclusive Mr C!

Then to see the response he gets from the children in the audience....and the subsequent respect these performances elicit the very next day from the same children, as he passes through the school corridors,  is absolutely astounding.

Who wouldn't want their child to attend a school led by such an all embracing Principal?

Soon after that decision was made by me, our beloved WiiBoy made his appearance into our lives!

For obvious reasons my dream of  my child attending this school was not to be......initially.

By this time I could consider Mr C to be a friend.

True friends are honest.

I approached him and asked about the possibility of WiiBoy attending the school. At this stage we had just received a diagnosis and we're trying to find the right placement for him.

My friend took one look at my child running (constantly running) and screaming through the corridors at a Panto rehearsal and bluntly, yet respectively, told me no.

An honest friend indeed.

Shortly after that the same honest friend arranged, from his hospital bed, to have WiiBoy assessed by one of the teachers.

That teacher said no too.

And that decision was the one that pushed us into attending the special school and in the process opened many doors for us. For that we are truly grateful.

One of those doors opened was the door to our principal's school within 12 months.

Which only goes to prove that Mr C's door is always open.

Even when it's (seemingly) closed.

It also goes to prove that he always puts the children first.

Especially the special children.

So, thank you Mr C. You have achieved a lot in your illustrious career that you can be proud of and our case is just one more!

You once told me that you tell everyone you meet about our success story. Let me remind you what I said in reply...that I always tell everyone I meet about you and your inclusive school ;-)

You may now hang up your clipboard and go forth into your retirement Mr C, secure in the knowledge that you have served a school and it's wider community well over your 38 years.

We shall miss you hugely in school your door was always open.

We shall miss you greatly in Panto matters. Who will help us when we run into difficulty and. more importantly.... who will help us run amok keep us under control at the wrap party??!!

Not to worry. You have left us in very capable hands ;-)

So, from the Jazzys to the Jazz Man......

Slan go foill a chara,
 Eiri an bothar leat
 Agus dul na cnoic √©asca ar ort!

And don't forget to send us a text now and then ;-)

xx Jazzy

Surviving the Shopping Madness.

Oh the silly season is upon us. It has crept up unknowingly and very suddenly it seems but here it is nonetheless. It's December already and Christmas shopping MUST be done. Surprisingly enough I've already made a start! I'm really impressed with myself. Time, like cash, is a commodity that is in very short supply for me right now so I gotta be organised and be prepared this Christmas. On both my Christmas shopping forays so far I made sure to bring some important items with me: my credit cards and my detailed shopping list!

Although I bring the cash I've saved for Christmas shopping I always bring my credit card too. Just in case. You just never know. It actually came in so handy on the very first trip! My mother needed a new coat and I saw the perfect one for her but had no spare cash. Knowing that I wouldn't have time to go back another day it was great to be able to just buy it and be done. Phew..another job off my never ending list.

The detailed shopping list is a must too. Shopping and me don't get on very well. We tolerate each other. Shopping and stores like to confuse me with lots of choices. I should NEVER be given lots of choices, it literally melts my brain! So I list suggestions for each person then I plan the shops I'm going into and exactly what 'm looking for in each one. It's working a dream so far. In fact on my second trip I managed to buy ten presents in just one hour. Now there's an exercise in time management!

Christmas is a very busy and expensive time for us here at chez Jazzy so cash as well as time must be managed wisely. Not only is it silly season but WiiBoy's birthday is a mere three days before Christmas Day! So I've allocated Christmas Present buying money and have points and cash saved for the Christmas supermarket shop. My faithful friend, Mr Credit Card, will come in handy for contribution to Santa Claus (yes...the big jolly man in the bright red suit does indeed accept plastic!) and for WiiBoy's birthday present and party. Of course it will also come in so handy for all  those unexpected purchases and meals out over the festive season. Really helps to spread the cost.

But a word of warning as you're out and about shopping in these difficult times........ mind your property.

Keep a close eye on your handbags, purses, wallets, cash and credit cards.

Ensure the shop assistants or waiting staff bring the credit card machine to you and not take it away somewhere. 

Always be conscious of where you put your credit card after making a purchase, don't just absent mindedly put it away. Okay...this one is for me! I regularly do this and cause mayhem as everyone in shop gets caught up in my drama!

NEVER bring your credit card with you when you're doing your recycling.

What? You're confused about my last pointer?

Well, okay.... this one refers to me too. Not only do I involve everyone in the shop in my dramas I also...ahem....involve the recycling staff! On a recent recycling trip, when I thought (yeah, thought) I'd brought my purse containing my credit card with me, the Recycling Man got more involved then he wished. Yeah.....he ended up in the HUGE plastic recycling bin looking for my purse that I thought I'd brought with me! Poor Mr Recycling Man. He's a lovely guy, very helpful. In fact he's been involved in our missing dog dramas too! After numerous phone calls I finally found the purse at home! About five minutes after I'd made the call to cancel the credit card!!

Sod's Law eh?.

Should be renamed Jazzy's Law.

Think I've earned that title after all my antics to date!

Learn from these antics of mine Dear Readers.

And mind your your bags and credit cards this Christmas ;-)

Happy shopping!!

xx Jazzy

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The Gallery: Snow Boots and Sequins

This is my first entry for The Gallery run by Sticky Fingers!

A picture of me refusing to give into the appalling snowy weather and miss a much looked forward to Christmas night out. No way was I missing out so I attired myself in my Snow Boots and Sequins and off I went to the very posh Samsara restaurant in Dublin!! I had a fab night too.....

xx Jazzy

Jazzy and WiiBoy's Snow Day......

Here in Ireland we have been engulfed by unexpected snowfalls.

Here in Ireland engulfed is defined as approximately a 1.5 inch covering of snow! That's because we are unprepared.

That said, we do seem to have learned somewhat from the mistakes of last January and we are assured by our Government that we have an ample supply of road salt to grit our roads.

That also said, I would take every word this Government of ours utters with a grain of aforementioned salt!

You must admit that their track record of truth telling leaves a lot to be a desired.

I too have learned from last January's debacle, of the fractured coccyx variety, so Jazzy and WiBoy will be staying put for the duration of this particular cold spell.

Well, we have ventured out as far as our road and a very close-by field.

We took some photos and hope that you enjoy the final product ;-)

And now to wrap ourselves up nice and warm. A significant snowfall of 8 inches in Dublin (10 inches in nearby Wicklow!) is forecast for tonight!

We have been known to get forecasts wrong too you know so..... here's hoping!

Stay safe in this snow folks.

xx Jazzy

Social Media ....And The Inner Me

Hi there. My name is Jazzygal and I'm a Social Media addict.             

There, I've gone and said it.

Well, I've gone and said what others believe.

But, you're ALWAYS on facebook....... we always see your name up.... etc; etc; etc

These are comments I often hear and I usually respond by saying ...just because my name is there doesn't mean I am! Seriously, I have the slowest PC in the world. I just switch it on and leave it on, half the time I'm not even in the house! And besides most of you who make these comments are working so you get to have tea breaks and lunches with real, live ADULT human beings!!

That said I am on quite a bit and I am now totally enthralled by twitter also. I am a facetweeter. And I love it. I love blogging too. A lot of my friends don't quite understand this. They wouldn't have time for the likes of this. They are far too busy and sure what's the point in it anyway? I, on the other hand have tons of time on my hands as I am a SAHM. Not true. I am very busy, all day every day. I just make time! I can facetweet whilst washing floors, making dinners, cleaning toilets, choreographing dance routines and making phone calls etc! I am good at multi tasking. Yes, I do make mistakes but even I haven't quite manged to confuse the bathroom with the kitchen! Well, not so far anyway! And besides, the mistakes I do make can be excellent updates and give people a laugh!

I, like most people,  facetweet anything that comes into my head from the mundane and serious to the random and frivolous. And it's fun.... it's Louis Walsh himself might say!

It's powerful too. Both sites have something different to offer.

 Facebook is the first site I joined after I too uttered the unbelievable words.... I don't have time for this! Obviously I did find the time and I'm so glad that I did. I have met many people through this medium that I now consider friends. Friends I would never have otherwise met. What a lot of my other friends don't realise is the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes on facebook. The Private Messages when we send out a request for assistance with an issue with our children, our home life, health issues or just a shoulder to cry on etc. All non facetweeters have no idea of the power of facebook for the level of support that it provides. I have availed of this support and also, I hope, helped to provide support to others. Facebook is also ideal for sharing information, generally, that may help others. One does have to be very careful on facebook though and I do screen friend requests. And you will understand when I don't return hearts and smiles etc. I stopped all of that when facebook wanted to share/access my details in order to partake!

Twitter operates a little differently and is admittedly a lot harder to get used to. I am going to be brutally honest here and say that I did find it really hard to get started. There's a whole new lingo over there, it appears more high-brow and a different code of ethics ensues, or so it would seem. For a long time I felt like the Green Isle Pea (not to be confused with the Black Eyed peas!!):  I keep on knocking but I can't get in!! However once I got the hang of the lingo and the hashtags (#) etc I found twitter just as friendly as facebook and I am really enjoying it now. I do lament the fact that twitter doesn't have a like button though. Although, I guess a Re-Tweet (RT) is the ultimate like??

Twitter is an even more powerful medium than facebook. I love it for the diversely interesting people that I have met. I now consider them friends too! The amount of information and news to be garnered from twitter is astounding and it's through this medium that I keep up with all things political.

Facetweeting and blogging allows me to keep active, to keep those brain cells ticking over in my absence from the (paid) workforce. I reckon I have learned skills in the past two years that will stand to me if/when I do return to work. I always call myself a techno-phobe...and I am.... but I am much more computer literate now than I ever was when I was working. Communication and interaction with others are other skills that are honed through these media. Between that and Panto I reckon I should qualify as a paid negotiator!

Facetweeting has also added a completely new, and very welcome, dimension to TV viewing. I cannot imagine watching XFactor (for example) without joining in the twitter streams or facebook comments. RTE's Frontline programme or TV 3's Newsnight withVincent Browne would just not be the same without twitter. The streams are hilarious!! Even Mr Jazzy has to laugh as I read out some of them!! And I will never forget the fun we had role-playing the Rocky Horror movie on facebook!! I got over 50 comments on that one! Admittedly there was wine involved...but there usually is! Of course I have to mention our Friday nights... our TGI (fb) F nights!! Such fun!

Which begs the question...... are facetweeting nights in the new going out?

The answer I believe is NO. That would be really sad! I would NEVER refuse a night out because I'd prefer to be on twitter or facebook!

But Social Media does provide this Desperate Housewife with an outlet for her rambling ruminations,  adult company  and allows the inner me to shine!!

Well, that's my story....

What's your story........ why do you facetweet?

xx Jazzy

The Decision Has Been Made....

I recently mentioned that I'd applied for  a continuation of my career break due to extenuating circumstances. I submitted a very detailed letter outlining said extenuating circumstances. Somewhat on the lines of my Dear Hubby post.... but with way more detail.

I've become very good at writing long letters of applications over my six year hiatus. It would be a hard hearted official who could say no to me. And besides I wasn't looking for anything that would cost, rather I was applying for something that would save costs. Theirs... not mine!

I received a reply last week. A successful one! I have successfully wangled myself another two years!! This brings us to November 2012 at which point WiiBoy will be hopefully settling into a new Secondary School. With an expected delay in an available post for me I could well get WiiBoy through his First year, or most of it.

This is wonderful news and I'm delighted and relieved to know that I will be available to continue my ongoing work here.

 To me the Celtic Tiger Years didn't allow me change my house to a mansion or my car to a SUV. It allowed me go on a career break to carry out the most important job of my life..... Looking after WiiBoy and working my ass off to get him to where he is today. And for that we are truly grateful.

As some of you regular readers will know my career break started very suddenly. We had WiiBoy's diagnosis in December 2003. It took a while to get our heads around it and to decide best options for him. When the appropriate placement became available it was suddenly imperative that I take time off work. I was gone within two weeks. Just like that. Annual Leave, unpaid Parental Leave and my job-sharing weeks off allowed some breathing space to attend to the necessary  paper work.

Now, here's something that I have never revealed in these rambling blog posts of mine....... I didn't know whether or not I could cope being at home all day with my son. How awful is that?

In fairness things were extremely difficult. We really were at crisis point. I honestly thought, exhausting as it was going to work every second week, it was my break from the difficulties at home. Dear on earth did I ever believe that? I was exhausted. I had a maximum of three hours sleep every night. I was attending intensive Audit Training courses over the previous two years and had to study for exams.I also had to try and fit in numerous SLT and OT appointments. I would leave the house every working day having dealt with serious meltdowns and screaming and return home to the very same situation.

I was reluctant to give up my job. If I could have done mornings only I would have but his special school time slot was from 12 until 2.30 so it was impossible. So I made the only decision I could and took the time off.

And what a difference it made. Of course it didn't take long for me to realise how much my going to work and changing WiiBoy's environment by leaving him with our childminder impacted on his behaviours. The poor child! Now don't get me wrong, it was still difficult but I didn't have the added stresses of going out to work and before long we were all getting a nights sleep AND WiiBoy started eating within a few short months!

So, it's been great, wonderful and I don't want it to end. And now it won't, well not for another two years!

But then something strange happened.....

 Today Mr Jazzy and I had to go to a funeral and then on to a very successful IEP meeting (you know it's successful when it's a short one!) We parked at his office and on the way back we decided to go for a quick cuppa in his work canteen. Is it sad that today's outing almost qualified as a date?? Anyway we went into the canteen and the strangest feeling came over me. As we both work for the same organisation there was a chance I'd meet someone I used to work with. I didn't as it happened but I looked at all the people as they came in and it all came back to me. Everyone sitting in their groups having their lunchtime chats.....the group of women leaving with their bulging lever arch files after their working lunch meeting. I then imagined their office, the work they'd been doing and their families at home. Oh and when I went into the bathroom I very strangely remembered all the times we'd do the make-up etc before heading to the pub on a Friday after work or for the Christmas night out.

It was so surreal, truly it was. I felt it in the pit of my tummy. I can't find words to describe it. It was like a sick, sinking feeling, but it wasn't quite that? A yearning feeling maybe??

Or perhaps I'm just remembering how it used to be.... a dose of good ole' Nostalgia! It was a huge part of my life for so long. I did my growing up there and made some good friends over the years!

I'm not for one minute yearning to go back, really, I'm not. But I wouldn't rule out my return in two years time.

Right now I am so happy to remain at home with my wonderous WiiBoy for another two years.

I am very happy with the decision that has been made.

And besides, I had my own bulging lever-arch file in the car for our meeting that would rival theirs any day of the week ;-)

So there!

xx Jazzy

My Autumn View...

And these from a week or two later......

November 1st and daisy's flowering, pretty Butterfly in house (I helped him escape) and our lavender Plant has re-flowered!

The calm before the storm methinks as the tail end of Hurricane Tomas heads our way......
Dublin and Galway on high flood alert again..... but spare a thought for those in Haiti.

Today: 10/10/10

This is what we were doing at 10.10 am today the 10/10/10.....

What were you doing???

;-) xx Jazzy

Note: See Redmum's Blog for all the photos (including this one) that she has collated!

How Does Your Garden Grow???

 Not very well, if you're like us here at Chez Jazzy. Not a green finger amongst us I'm afraid. Although, I do think WiiBoy may be developing some! We still need all the help we can get though! See that leaf on our new, beautiful green lawn? Sitting there reminding us of the approaching new season and our need for some Autumn lawn care. Believe me that leaf is the first of a deluge that is sure to follow, real soon. We have huge 200 year old trees in the field behind us!

Some time ago I wrote about the last remaining job we had to do post The Great Flood of 2008! Our back garden. Now, all we really needed was a nice lawn but even a simple lawn needs a lot of care and attention.
And our lawn needed more care and attention than most. Well, not only has it survived a flood but it has also survived a 1000litre heating oil leak!! I kid you not.

A new lawn also needs plain ole hard work. We don't do hard work at Chez Jazzy and we are definitely not DIY merchants. We simply wouldn't know where to begin so we always have to get The Man in. In this case we definitely needed The Man as we had some drainage issues to solve too.

And so to fix our lawn. It was bad....

                                        Yes, that is a Christmas Tree you see... in May!

So, we moved the Trampoline to the front garden, where it remains still!

                                              See... we can do hard work after all!

Then we sorted out the soil and laid our new lawn!


Now, as you can imagine a new lawn needs a lot of work to help it "take". No point in splashing out all that cash and then not looking after it. That's when the Jazzys all got to work to take care of our new lawn. We watered it religiously every day for weeks.

And doesn't it look lovely?

We're thrilled with our new luscious, green, lawn but now with the changing seasons we've definitely got to get ourselves some Autumn lawn care. So that we have an even greener lawn come next summer!

Well, when I say we.... I mean Mr Jazzy has to do all the Autumn lawn care ;-)

But shhh.... don't tell him I said that!

xx Jazzy

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Versatile AND Beautiful???

These are the two Blogging Awards recently bestowed upon me from two of my Blogger pals. And I am really grateful for them both. Actually I was quite excited when I heard that I was tagged! Really. I mean I love when people follow my blogs by clicking the link and when they comment. But to get an award...even though it's just a bit of fun ... really makes my day.

And besides, it's nice to be thought of in terms other than "Feisty and Bolshie" for a change!!

So to Kathleen  over at Autism Herd, thank you so much for The Versatile Blogger Award! Wow... this one means a lot!

Some time ago Lynn over at Autism Army also bestowed the Versatile Award on me. She also simultaneously gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award ....

Apologies to you Lynn for being so remiss in doing this post.

You see the rules are that in accepting these awards I have to share Seven Unknown things about me before passing them on to seven more Bloggers.

Seven Unknowns??

Can there be anything about me that I haven't already shared with the Universe, I wondered? And that thought delayed this post.

After sharing My Uluru Experience with you, can there be any more??

I've thought and thought and tried to look back over this Dizzy Jazzy life of mine to find something, anything that I have not yet revealed about myself..... and that might amuse you! There just has to be something I thought, as I stumble through my muddled life.

I could take the easy way out I suppose and tell you stuff like.... how I hate drivers who don't indicate at roundabouts and such like. But sure, where's the fun in that?

There has to be something more interesting...

Here's what I've come up with.......

1)It's a long time since I've revealed this and as I have more readers now it still counts! Everyday I have a secret date. Just me, my lunch (yeast and sugar free these days...sigh) and my secret passion...... Home and Away!  (check out the link... John finds out he has a daughter! Sad... I know!)

2)This one I've only ever revealed when commenting on Jen's Blog so most of you won't know that I can do (successful) CPR.......... on goldfish!! About two years ago I brought our goldfish Bubbles 1 (you can guess why he's #1!) back to life. I'd taken both fish out of the bowl and put them into a smaller one to see if it would help.. Harry the other fish tried to help by nudging him around the bowl. Wasn't working so I took him out of the bowl, massaged him and blew air into his mouth!! I put him back into the bowl and he swam happily about for another nine months or so!! He had turned silver and was now blind (sorry, I can't do sight restoration...yet!) so He was our blind albino goldfish for his remaining time on this earth!! And Harry used to help him get food!! These days Harry has Bubbles 2 to keep him company!

3)Many moons ago, in my early 20's, I went away with some scouting friends for a non-scouting weekend. We had lots of fun staying in this house/cabin in Glencree, Co Wicklow. On the last day, just before we were due to leave to cycle back to Dublin, we all, for some inexplicable reason, got up on the roof of the one story house. We put mattresses on the ground and we were all to jump off the roof and on to the mattresses. Apparently this was a ritual every time they came here on scout weekends. I was terrified and held back. Everyone jumped and had no problems whatsoever. It's fuuunnn they wailed in sheer delight. One pal stayed back with me. He held my hand and together we jumped. No problems.... for him. I fell down between the mattresses and rolled in agony on the ground!! That moment of madness culminated in a week long stay in hospital with torn ligaments that had to be operated on and I had to have my leg in plaster for six weeks! My big question to ask the doctor after the op? Will I walk again? was : Will I dance again?!!
The unknown part of this story is that to this day my mother (my dad has since passed away) still doesn't know that I jumped from a roof!! I just told my parents...and the hospital...that I had a bad fall!!

4)This one is about the time I had my purse nicked. I wonder how many people this has happened to? In this fashion?

Back in the early '90's I was strolling down Grafton Street at lunchtime when a guy came over to me to tell me he'd seen two girls (one in a mustard coloured jumper) nicking my purse out of my bag. he told me that they'd gone down the lane beside Switzers (now BT's) So, off I went to find them. Quite what I'd do if and when I did I hadn't quite thought out yet. I went down the lane that had lots of shoppers going up and down and there I spotted Miss Mustard and pal. They stopped and seemed to be studying something in their hands. As I got closer to them there were suddenly no shoppers about. I peeked in between them and saw that they were going through MY purse. My red and white polka dot purse!! What to do?

Well, without thinking, I just stuck my hand in the middle of them and grabbed my purse!!

Oh crap! Now what do I do?? They, the hardened street-wise brats were shocked into stunned silence, looking like goldfish out of water. Meanwhile the shoppers had all miraculously returned and saw ME take the purse from THEM!!

I reckoned I had to do/say something that would reprimand them and at the same time let the others know that they were the thieves, not me! So what did I do? Yell Call the Gardai...they robbed my purse??

Nah! I, as shocked as they were at my bold actions, simply wagged my finger at them, said: And... And... don't you ever do that again ......and legged it!!

I swear... this is a true story!

5)The first car I ever owned died in a somewhat bizarre and dramatic fashion. It went on fire. Whilst I was driving it! It was old and had just been fitted with a reconditioned engine. I had made a quick trip to the shops as I was headed into the Gaiety Theatre to do a matinee and evening show- we were in the middle of a two week run with the Rathmines and  Rathgar Musical Society at the time.

On the way home I saw smoke coming out of the engine and stopped the car. Very soon after that there were visible flames. A bus driver came to my assistance and put the fire out.... only for it to restart again. He advised me , in my very panicked state,  to go knock on the door of the house I was parked in front off to suggest they might want to move their car.

Now, this is where it gets really bizarre. At the time my Abu Dhabi friend was in Ireland getting married that very day. I had to decline an invitation as I was doing the show but had said I'd go to the afters. I realised that I wouldn't make the afters in time but had no way of telling her. I didn't know where she was staying you see.

I knocked on the door with my tear stained face. The owner opened the door to see panicky 'ole me and a flaming car outside her garden. You'll NEVER believe who it was. None other than my Abu Dhabi friend's mum!! And my friend was inside getting ready for her wedding....dress hanging up and the car was arriving shortly to bring her to the church!!!

OMG..what a reunion!! All worked out well in the end....she went on to her wedding after the Fire Brigade came to douse the flames and I went on to do my two shows! Well, the show must go on and all that jazz!

6) A few years back, after a couple of drinks, myself and my SIL went to see Hazel Kaneswaren and her Band (who's name escapes me at the moment...before Dove) playing in a local Community Hall, in Wicklow. I loved her band, they were great, When we arrived I was dying to go to the bathroom. I got directions, which I am never good at following, especially after a few drinks, and off I sauntered in search of the Ladies Room. Of course I got it wrong and stumbled into this bare room with both men and women in it. Now, this really confused me. I mean, stumbling into the Men's Room (in error!) is a regular occurrence for me...but this room had both men and women in it?? They were laughing at me and told me where I should go. What were they laughing at I wondered?

A while later the band came on stage and and the SIL and I were straight up on the floor dancing away at the front of the stage. The music stopped and Hazel says... Ah look... it's the girl who came into our dressing room... and everyone looks at me! Everyone!!

Embarrassed? Me? Hell no...Dizzy Jazzy here still didn't realise what she'd gone and done this time!

It was a while later before I finally joined the dots..... DOH!

And finally...

7)Another many moons ago story, when I and my pals went on our annual Christmas night out. This year we went to see Red Hurley in the Country Club, in Portmarnock. I had  had a long boozy Christmas lunch with my workmates. I got a taxi home straight from there as I had about an hour to get ready. A quick sobering shower and schlap on of the make up later and I was all set to go. I was in very good form... as you can well imagine!

After the big (also sobering) meal the show began. Red was great... he has a really good voice.As the audience warmed up he did his usual singing through the tables. Getting closer to his adoring fans. But this time he got closer than I'm sure he ever thought possible. Thanks to yours truly.

As he got closer to our table I, being helpful and still a tad tipsy, decided to pull my chair in so he could easily pass by. I mean, he was singing!. Except... I didn't quite pull the chair in. I kinda leaned in to the table tipping the back legs of my chair up a bit. Bad move!

Red got closer to me, his adoring fans were up on their feet and following him around the floor! One woman in particular was practically hanging out of him!

He got ever closer to me and his world came crashing down. Literally!!

As he crossed, still singing, behind me he tripped over the legs of my chair and went sprawling on the ground!!
And the woman who was hanging out of him threw herself on top of him and was hugging him and singing to him with everyone else crowding around him!! I of course,  returned my seat to the correct position and looked innocently around me!

It was hilarious!! So, so funny. He couldn't get up for ages! Everyone was in knots of laughter, our table even more so as we knew what had happened!! He kept going on about it afterwards trying to figure out what had happened!! And we sure weren't telling!

And there you have it.... my Seven Unknowns!!

Gosh, it's amazing what you can dig up when you think about it. Although, perhaps these should have remained buried deep within my memories. Forever!

And now, to name the next seven victims recipients. Three of my favourites are already gone so I hereby nominate the following named Bloggers to receive these awards

1) The fabulous Blogger Jean at Planet Outreach
2) My new favourite read; BigAlphy's Blog
3) Another great read; teenautism (I know you've already done the Beautiful Blogger one but you deserve the Versatile one for your sidebar ;-)

4) Another new one: Pampers and Pinot (same applies to you Kristy ;-)
5) The lovely and interesting NanP (same applies to you too!)
6) The also lovely and interesting Softthistle
7) The very clever and versatile (it has to be said!) Clive the Assistance Dog.

Now, come on you lot..... SPILL!

Don't leave me here with egg on my chin!!

xx Jazzy

A Comedy (day) of Errors.....

It would seem from my facebook postings of late that I am giving the impression out there that I am a tad forgetful at times. I'd hate people to think that I flounder from day to day, losing stuff and forgetting things with any regularity. So in order to give a more fuller impression of my day to day existence, to put the record straight as it were, I'm writing this post to give you an example of a typical day in the life of Jazzy.....

My day started with getting WiiBoy to school with all his cakes for the Cake Sale. But first we had to get out of the house... which meant the usual last minute trip to the loo, find the shoes/school bag etc; and the frantic search and loud mutterings of "where's the damn keys." I spend an inordinate amount of time every day looking for keys.....

As WiiBoy was going in to school he asked for money to buy some cakes..... whole point of the Cake Sale really . Of course dizzy Jazzy here had left the house without her bag so no money! It's okay, I reassured him saying we'll borrow from SNA Angel. Let there be no panic.

I then had a meeting with teacher and left the school without talking to our SNA Angel. I texted her instead...sorted. Phew...panic over!

Now... home to finally get some breakfast. And to make some important phone calls. I did that, but one person wasn't available so I made arrangements for her to call me back at 12.30.

Then it was a mad dash to fit in the Gym before whisking (and I really do mean whisking, well as much as it's possible to whisk someone in a wheelchair, that is) my mam out for lunch! Okay... I'm doing well. Gym went fine, then it was straight to nursing home where I decided to ring the person I'd missed earlier, from the car. (Well I knew I was running low on credit so I got the person to ring me back. I repeat... I KNEW I was running low on credit.) I really didn't want to discuss my going back to work options in the pub you see! Yes my six year Career break (or six year holiday as WiiBoy puts it!) is almost at an end. So I made the call, no hassles. Didn't forget any important questions, as I'd written them down beforehand. Fantastic. No worries.

I was only 15 minutes late collecting my mam and I whisked her down the road for pub grub, which she enjoys. So far so good.

Finally, when I had both herself and myself comfortably ensconced in a nice seated area outdoors in the lovely mid September sunshine, I could allow myself to relax a little. We had a lovely lunch and then I had to broach a difficult subject. I needed to get my mam to sign some important, private documents. I successfully explained it to her and was just about to get the matter finalised when I suddenly realised that I hadn't put any money in the parking meter! This was a full hour after the phone call I'd made! Oh CRAP!! The traffic warden is ALWAYS down here. Feck... feck...FECK  I said...loudly and left my mother tucking into her apple pie and cream while I legged it (no more whisking!) back to the car like a mad woman!! Thankfully no warden about so I put 30 cents in the meter. I'd  risked getting an €80 fine all for the sake of 30 cents!! Phew!

Back to the pub to get the forms signed, quick cuppa, pay the bill then leg it whisk my mam back to the nursing home so I could do the school run. At this stage I had my bag, my rain jacket (mid September sun there may well have been but, Hey, this is Ireland!) and another bag in which I had the important documents. That bag I put on the back of the wheelchair.

Got my mam safely back so, quick goodbye then race back to the school.

Half way there I realised I didn't have the bag with the important private documents!! Dammit.. I'd left them on the back of the wheelchair. Oh God... feck... feck ...FECK!! I really did not want the staff to read these private pages. I used my diminishing phone credit to TRY to get through to the owner of the home. They are notoriously difficult to get through to so I had to leave a message. Damn. They got back to me later (as did my mam...oops!) and the documents are currently safely filed away in a sealed envelope. Phew!

I then collected a cake-filled WiiBoy from school and whisked (we do a serious amount of whisking here in chez Jazzy) him home. He had to get some homework done before Drama (AKA SLT!) at 3 .45 to 4.45 followed by a play date in his pals house at about a quarter to five. So I reckoned I'd get him home after Drama and finish homework before play date. Be grand. While he was in Drama I'd have my shower, as I was going out at six, then I'd finish getting ready while he was in his pal's house. Sorted.

Can you spot the problem with that time line?? 'Cos I sure as hell didn't!

All went well and I collected him from Drama and was whisking him home at 4.50 when the penny finally dropped...feck...feck... I don't have a gap between drama and play... he's supposed to be there now... NOW!! Dammit...Feck...feck...CRAP!! You will note that there's a serious amount of utterances of Feck and Crap at chez Jazzy too! And a lot of Phew-ing as well!

So, I did a quick u-turn with accompanying squealing tyres (okay... the last bit is added in for effect) and whisked him to his pal's house, 15 minutes later than arranged. The other mum was wondering what had happened to us!!

I figured out what went wrong. WiiBoy has a problem with telling the time. He can do digital... he can "see" 4.45 but tell him it's now a quarter to five and he gets confused and really agitated. I know now to give him the time in digital. But, interestingly enough,  I now realise that I have the same problem... in reverse!! I knew Drama was 3.45 to 4.45 (really have to think about that one as it's digital on the schedule) but I had a problem when the other mum said half four to quarter to five for play. It really confused me.

Wow. That's kind of a strange realisation... Makes me understand WiiBoy a bit more.

Anyway, I was now back on track, albeit a bit bewildered and bedazzled! I finished getting ready as Mr Jazzy was due to arrive home at 5.50 ( yeah..that would be ten to six..I am now with the programme!) and I was leaving at 6pmWiiBoy was being dropped home.

I left the house on time as I had arranged to meet a blogging friend that I've known for about two years now but had never met! The fabulous Nan P and I were finally meeting for the first time and we were rather excited about it! Of course, Mr Jazzy thinks I'm nuts meeting people I only know through social networking. He doesn't get how well you can get to know each other online!!

So, off I went to meet the lovely Nan P and got stuck in some traffic en route. No problems, I had my mobile phone with me and sent her a text. Then I got through the traffic quicker than anticipated and tried to text her again to say I was going to pop into two shops and would be with her shortly. The text wouldn't send.

You can guess what's up...can't you?! Not me...oh nooo.

Well, I'm in an underground car park. It'll be fine when I get to the shopping levels. Right?

Nope.. still wouldn't send.

Another penny was kinda dropping and I checked my balance.

Ten cents left! And no free texts!!

Oh.... CRAP!

I whizzed (yes.. I do whizzing too..the running variety!) around my two shops and went to the Bank link to top up.

Three magic words...

Out. of. Service.

Oh... feck...... feck.... FECK... CRAP!!

What to do?? I'd never met her before and now I couldn't contact her!! A real sense of panic was now setting in and was battling alongside the incredible urge to laugh my head off! I mean, how worse can this get?? How much more can I muck this day up???!!

Luckily we'd pre-arranged to meet at a certain point, so I reckoned if I went there she'd show up. At some point. And I could always accost ask nicely to use any passing security person's phone. Right?

However, as it happens, Nan P is way more organised than me and was already sitting pretty at our pre-arranged meeting point!

Phew! No...... bigger than that.... PPHHEEW!!

Thankfully that's where my Comedy (day) of Errors ends.

Rounded off by a nice meal with a friend I felt that I've known forever! We chatted for ages. So long in fact, that I received a text from Mr Jazzy wondering if I'd gotten lost!

You know, not only do I lose things I can also manage to lose myself too.

But that's a whole other post........

xx Jazzy

Note: Jazzy wishes to assure her readers that while this may be at typical day in  the life of this Desperate Housewife, it doesn't occur everyday. Just most days....

'Tis enough to make one think twice about returning to the paid workforce, so it is ;-)