A Happy, Jazzy New Year to all........

As we prepare to shut the door on 2009 and cautiously, hopefully open the new door to 2010, I am in the fortunate position to look back favourably on this past year.

The Jazzys have had a good year.

We started off the year with a successful Panto run..... "Sinbad" and we were very proud of WiiBoy's performance!

We had lots of trips in 2009!

We started off with a trip to Legoland (thanks Mam for treating us!) in May and we had a fantastic time.

We then had our cheapo family holiday in Spain a few weeks later....which also went very well. Apart from a tantrum or two!

 And WiiBoy made this fab video on hols !!

Unfortunately the school holidays got off to a bad start when we lost our dog Scamp. There's been no sign of him for months now so I can only hope that a nice family have him now. Be happy Scampy!!

We enjoyed the Summer holidays with regular trips to our local beach ...... in between the regular, rather substantial rain showers that is! We also got to meet with my lovely Abu Dhabi friend and her lovely family after many years!

We ended the summer with a trip to our favourite hotel Clonea Strand for some nice wind-down time.

Our final trip was the Liverpool one which cost mad money and will never be repeated! But it was a one-off trip for Mr Jazzy's 50th. Sadly our trips will be non existent in 2010. We couldn't even make our annual Christmas dash to Clonea, which is sad because I always looked forward to that energy-booster trip to set me up for the months ahead!

September to Christmas has been very busy schoolwise with WiiBoy. We have struggled, particularly in the first term, with homework etc but over-all it's all going really well.

Christmas in the Jazzy house went very well and I even managed not to poison anyone! I am happy to report that Santa came with everything on the list so WiiBoy is very happy. XBox 360 has now  replaced Wii as toy of choice! I wonder now if another name change is in order for WiiBoy?? XBoy maybe???!!We won't rush to it though.....probably just a novelty at the moment!! Oh..... I'm also happy to report that my mam made it to Christmas Dinner! It was a close call but she made it.....she made that choice to be better ;))

I consider us to be very lucky to look back over such a great year as I know that not everyone has been that lucky.

I think of all the people in Ireland who got flooded this year. It is the worst flooding in our little nation's history and will cost millions and millions of Euro to sort out. But those poor families have lost their homes. Some of these houses can, of course be fixed. However it will take a very long time, as we know only too well. As we've been through a similar experience we really empathise with them.

And now a big freeze has descended upon Ireland the last few weeks and some of the families flooded probably now find themselves snowbound!! Has to be said though.....this little nation of ours does not cope well with extreme weather conditions. Our councils are simply not prepared for it. Somehow, we seem to have avoided the snow here in Shankill-by-the-sea!

I think also of the people I know who have very ill relatives. My thoughts are with two friends in particular and I hope that 2010 brings them some hope.

I think of my facebook friends , some of whom have had a particularly rough year with their very special little children. May 2010 also bring you hope for your children's future. Personally, I feel very hopeful for you all ;)

To all my friends in real life........

To my friends and followers in Blogland ....in particular Nan P, Kathleen, and V as I don't have you on facebook!........

To all my friends on facebook (you are all truly amazing and awe-inspiring and I love reading your blogs!)......

May I thank you for your friendship in 2009 and wish you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year.

May 2010 be a good year for you all......

From the Jazzys in the New Year's Eve Snow!!

                          YES!!!! It FINALLY snowed here in Shankill!!

Have a great New Year's Eve!

xx Jazzygal.


  1. Us being a big nintendo family I am not impressed with wiiboys defection to xbox lol, but I am delighted he is enjoying and and hope Zelda is going well (major frustration in this house). What a great year for you all, I hope it continues for 2010 and look forward to many happy hours reading the blog posts:) Jen

  2. Happy 2010 Jazzy I love your blogs and look forward to reading many more in the future. So glad you got snow its looks like fun in your photo's. Have a great new year, I hope it brings you and your family happiness and peace. xxx

  3. Wishing you and the jazzies a wonserful 2010! XXX

  4. Hope you enjoy the snow, have a wonderful new year to you all, your year sounded lovely, I'm delighted it had more ups than downs and I'm chugged you mum made it for Xmas xxxxx

  5. What a lovely summary of the Jazzys year. Look forward to following you in 2010. Happy new year to you all xxx

  6. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year,

    Fiona and family

  7. Hope 2010 brings all you hope for. Looking forward to many more blogs xx


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