Shameful Ireland: Enough is Enough

Like Lisadom, I can't ignore this. I want to write about it, I don't want to write about it..... or maybe that should read I "can't" write about it.

But I have to say something.

I've also read Sharon of the Voyage , Bock and Nick Mc Givney . All brilliantly written. As usual. Sorry for not commenting. I just don't know what to say.

I tried, really tried to read the report but I just can't. Too upsetting.

I watched States of Fear all those years ago and , was it Dear Daughter, about the Abuse at Goldenbridge? I remember being horrified at the time.

I can't watch "Magdalene Sisters" nor could I watch "Song for a Raggy Boy" last week. No way.

Saw Prime Time tonight and was mesmerised by Don Baker ( I remember watching this clip) and Paddy Doyle. Paddy remembers how it felt to be beaten from the back of his neck to the heel of his feet. He remembers the pain of it and, no doubt, the humiliation. So upsetting. I can't link you to his blog because in order for me to do that I'd have to open it .... I'm not quite ready to read that yet.

Watching Prime Time I was also horrified by the "Christian" Brother and Barry Andrews TD. How on earth can they say they're horrified, or "it's unconscionable"? They've known about it ..... and covered it up for years. When did they suddenly feel this way?? When they saw the Report yesterday? And are now trying to appear understanding and.... well....Christian?? And as for the Dept Of Education and Science? Well now, why does it not surprise me how they've dealt with these cases. Threatening them with having to pay their own costs if they dare to challenge them. Just like they do to parents of Autistic children... like the O'Cuanachains. They sure know how to hold a grudge. Against vulnerable and defenceless people.

As for the deal made between State and Church regarding funding the compensation payments? That is even more appalling now then it was when first announced. And we didn't know the half of it then. But they did. They knew all of it.

You know, I'm just sick to death of this country. We, the General Public , AKA "The Great Unwashed" (at least that's how we're treated) are taken to be fools of the highest degree.

Only in Ireland would Bankers and Developers get away with bringing this country to it's knees. Will anyone go to jail over it? Doubt it.

Corrupt Politicians get away with it too.

And serious Tax Evaders.

There is the token few who get a jail sentence. Just to appease the General Public.

Will anyone go to jail for the Systemic and Endemic abuse of vulnerable children?? How can they.... they can't even name them. And most of them are probably dead.

This, above all other things , sickens me. Enough is Enough. They should be tracked down and jailed. So should those who covered it up. They're still chasing down perpetrators of the Holocaust atrocity aren't they? Is this any different??? No it's not.

Well, actually it is. Because it happened in Ireland.

Shame on us, the citizens, if we let this go.

It's true that those we're different times, but they weren't that long ago. Only today I was telling my 9yr old boy, because he asked, that we were slapped by Teachers in school. Usually over the hand with a ruler. I told him it was worse when my parents were in school. They got such beatings. I went to the same school as my Mother and had one Teacher who also taught her. She was a sadistic bitch.

Corporal Punishment was accepted all across Ireland at the time. Indeed it was OK for parents to hit their children too. Still happens now, sadly.

The reasons children were sent to these Industrial Schools were trivial . My mother was one of 9 children, in a 2 bedroom house in Whitehall, Dublin in the 1940's. My Grandfather died when she was 4 years old. So life was very tough for them and for my Granny. She did her best. They all played truant though. The boys especially. In particular Uncle P and Uncle K. Uncle P was hiding, in the attic I think, when the Inspector came to call. Uncle K ratted on Uncle P. Uncle P ended up in Artane Boys Industrial School. For truancy.

I never knew Uncle P. Think I only met him once. As soon as he left Artane he went straight to England. He never forgave Uncle K. He also had serious misgivings towards my Granny. None of which was truly comprehended by any of us at the time. I get it now.

Uncle L was deaf and dumb (Special Needs), caused by meningitus at age 6 months. As was the general recommendation of the professionals at the time, he was sent to St Joseph's School for Deaf Boys in Cabra. At age 4. The family visited him and every Sunday the school was brought for a long walk and they paraded the children past my Granny's house. The family would all line up to see him. No contact allowed.

Uncle L I've seen over the years. A lovely man...always smiling. He too went to England, married and had 2 children. He had been given the necessary skills, in the cruelest of ways, to survive. All he says about those days is that they were very hard. Not sure if he suffered any sexual abuse there, but I've no doubt there was serious corporal punishment involved.

Uncle P on the other hand never married. He made a few visits home over the years. He died some years ago, in Ireland. He had returned here about 5 years previously, and never contacted his family. How sad. His neighbours found another uncle's contact details in his possessions and that's how some family members went to his funeral. His neighbours said what a lovely man he was. We didn't know, never having had the pleasure of his company. I dread to think of the abuse he suffered. I doubt very much that he came forward when others did.

Ireland as a whole, has a lot to do to right this wrong. The Catholic Clergy has the most work to do. The least of which is to discover what kind of person is attracted to religious life in the first place. Sexual Abuse is not restricted to the Irish Clergy. It's world wide. What makes an abuser want to be a priest or nun?? What kind of vetting is involved???

Just a simple start to a very complicated situation.

I seriously don't know what else to say. It's simply horrifying. I hope those who were abused have gotten some solace from the Report in that there can now be absolutely no doubt that they suffered serious abuse by people held in high regard in this country.

xx Jazzy


  1. I heard once on Gerry Ryan that it can be a chicken and egg situation. The large family, the small plot of land, one gets the land, another gets to emigrate and one, for the sake of saving face has to have a vocation. A vocation that they dont want but that is forced on to them so they go and do it and resent every minute of it and then their anger and sadisticness is played out on the people that they have been taught are worth less than them because they are not in the family of god - the children in their care.
    The Paedos Val, yup. They set out to be priests and school teachers and swimming instructors and Department store Santas because it gets them close to children.

    I think we should have a candle light vigil in the Phoenix park, lead by President Macaleese to mourn the victims of these abuses, wherever they may be.


  2. You are right "Enough is enough!" If we don't make a stand on this one and have the perpetrators named then shame on us. xx

  3. Yeah Hammie. But I never did get what made them sexual abusers....physical and emotional abusers yes but not sexual abusers. Most sexual abusers are abused themselves.
    Than I saw the Late Late Show last night and I understand it a bit better. The Christian Brothers took them in at age 12/13...imagine? The CB on the panel has always spoken out and he seriously questioned the recruitment (which is what I was trying to get at) and Their Formation which appears to have been pathetic.

    Per one snippet I could stomach in the report, the priests were not fully trained and hadn't finished their teacher training when they were put in charge of all these kids. Also, the hierarchy involved led to younger priests being sexually abused by older ones and in turn became sexual abusers themselves. Horrific, but no excuse.

    These were children..hundreds of children. Taken away from their (mostly) very poor families for minor infractions and daring to be a Special Needs child. Another snippet of the report I read acknowledges that corporal punishment was the norm in the home at the time!! So that makes it ok then??! I believe in my family's case the children played truant because of corporal punishment in school not home (they'd no father to physically abuse them.) Also Capitation played a huge, huge part in all of this. The greedy, greedy Nuns and Priests. Do you remember in States of Fear (I think it was that) when the abused told stories of when the "Dept" paid a visit? They got fresh clothes, toys, sweets and lovely food that day....only for it all to be stopped the minute they left.

    Lovely idea about the candlelight vigil Hammie...I was gonna suggest it be done outside the Archbishops residence in Drumcondra!! How naughty of me! The C.B. on the Late Late panel last night is calling for a National Day of Atonement. It's the least that can be done.

    Thanks Tracy also.... I really hope Ireland does not stand idly by on this one. xx J

  4. Jazzy, I must confess I avoided reading your post for a few days. I did comment on Nick's blog. A few days on, I am still in shock. I find it hard to read, or listen to anything to do with this. I have cried, for all those children, for all these lives destroyed.

    So, so very sad that 2 of your family were in that situation. Like you, I don't know what else to say.. Shame on all of them for the inhumanity. Shame on all of us for the silence.

  5. Yeah Nan P
    , I too avoided reading or listening to anything about it til I could no longer avoid it.


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