Deja Vu

From little puddles .............

(taken today) big floods come.............. .

(taken August 2008)

............ and believe me , I know..... see here.

What an amount of rain we're getting at the moment. And there's more to come. So, says the Weather girl!

That worries me.

Today I went to collect Snuggles from school. While there were dark clouds hovering when I left the house, it wasn't raining. When I got to the school, a mere 5 minutes later, there was a torrential downpour. A mini-monsoon. Just like on Aug 16th 2008. But, thankfully it didn't last as long.

But still, I was worried.

I stayed in the car for as long as I could...I'd no raincoat (for Snuggles) or brolly (for me!). When I got out of the car 10 minutes later there was a stream flowing down the road and lots of rather large puddles to get through to reach the school door. I was very mindful of my new black suede runners!

And still it poured down.

Snuggles bounded out of the school door, as only Snuggles can. Didn't even have his jumper on. Rain "excites" him.... i.e. makes him hyper! So, when I say bound I MEAN bound! I had to get cross to reel him back in!

Then I drove up the lane, past the Dart Station, which leads to our estate. There's this very large puddle that forms on both sides of the road there, then meets in the middle, every time it rains. It wasn't there when I left the house.... but it sure was there less than 30 minutes later. I had to slow down and pray to God I didn't stall going through ( I nearly did.)

I was really worried now.

Got home and did the recce up towards the Tennis Club.... where all the problems lay the last time. Looked O.K.

Checked our garden and saw the puddle building up in front of the house (see first pic above) just like it did last August. There was a small puddle in between us and our neighbours houses. Being fed by tributaries from both gardens.

Snuggles discovered another big puddle forming outside our backdoor.

Oh, God......... not again. PLEASE.

I tried very hard to stay calm. DON'T panic.

Checked the drains out the back..... our brand new drains. They were clogged with debris. I cleaned that and the water flowed fine. PHEW....... major wiping of brow here!!

Now, admittedly I am a bit of a panicker.... I do try not to. So, I was kind of reprimanding myself as I headed to the front garden to clear the puddles there, when a neighbour called. She too was extremely worried. So I phoned the Council. I'm still waiting for the return call.

The main road was O.K. I told the girl on the phone, but we just wanted the situation monitored. You see, if it happens in your garden and it's to do with how low-lying your house is ...... tough. BUT....we have two shores in our garden which services 6 other houses. So, if they burst it's most likely to do with the main drains so it then becomes the Council's problem. Well, that's how I intend to keep the pressure on. And I sure as hell ain't waiting 'til they burst!

I then went to our shed to get yard brush, bucket etc and was greeted by yet another lovely sight. You see, our Kitchen Man came at lunchtime today to collect our old washing machine ..... finally. He turned off the water and away he went.

Only he hadn't turned the water off ......... well, not fully anyway.

So, there I was all stressed out about a possible flood at the front of the house only to be met with about an inch of water covering the outside toilet in our shed!!! Oh, Holy Crap. Jaysus.

So, I rang our Kitchen Man in a well-warranted (at this stage) panic. And while I was talking to him and checking the leak, I managed to nearly knock myself out by whacking my head off the shelf!! Christ....can anything else happen here???!!

So, I basically spent 2 hours mopping the shed, clearing shite from all drains and sweeping the big puddle in front off the house into the nearest shore.....whilst holding a cold compress to my head!! I also swept the puddle from just in front of my neighbours house. She never appeared. And in the middle of all that....whilst holding a bucket of shite from the drains.... I was accosted by a door-to-door charity....who insisted in talking to me for at least 10 minutes in the lashings of rain??! It was a worthy cause.... DogsTrust. Just not today. Christ.

But, Like I say, there's more rain to come. For the rest of the week.

And I'm still worried.

Because we're off to Spain on Sunday for almost two weeks. Who's gonna clear the drains then??

We probably shouldn't be going on holidays, with all the cutbacks etc., but I insisted. I reckoned we needed the break. Particularly after all the hassle with last year's flood and building works etc, etc. It's been a long haul. We need this holiday. Can't believe we're still worried about flooding.

So we shall go on holidays! Just have to put an emergency plan in operation. God, I just knew we shouldn't have thrown out those sandbags. Think I'll get some more!

Have to run now. Need to check the emergency job Mr Jazzy did out in the shed ( he attached a hose and put into the toilet !!) and front of house!!

Fingers crossed!! x Jazzy


  1. Ha ha trying to picture you running around with a cold compress on, but seriously, I shouldn't laugh... Glad you weren't flooded. Have a great holiday in Spain hope all goes swimmingly(!)

  2. Oh Jazzy, I don't think you were panicking - perfectly justified. I would be traumatised by what you went through.

    Little tip I heard on the radio Jazzy - keep a packet or two of cheap nappies in the house and use then to soak up any puddles. They absorb everything and can just be thrown away. Someone was talking about making disposable sandbags out of the nappy filler stuff.

    I think you need a house sitter anyway. Why not ask the angel AJ?

    (very neat and responsible house sitter and she can call a nominated person if the water starts to rise)

  3. Just go on holidays and forget all about the rain. Give someone your keys, tell them to do whatever needs doing IF... then switch off and then GO! You sound (well, read actually, but you know what I mean) as if you do need a very serious break!

    At least Spain may be a bit warmer and sunnier than here.

    Just enjoy it... Wish I could take a break too at the moment!

  4. Ha Ha Tulippy!! Very funny!! I did slightly exaggerate the cold compress thing....for entertainment purposes, of course!

    Cool tip Hammie!! And good idea re: house sitting. We have really good neighbours who always mind our house when we're away. He's a real 75 yrs old! Seriously, he's great. She's great too. They're 2 real characters around here and we're lucky to have them as neighbours.I've already asked them so hopefully we'll be sorted. thanks though....I have NO doubt AngelAJ be brill!

    yeah, you're right NanP...we will just go. Think we all could do with a holiday. The whole bloody country could. We are lucky to be getting away. So many can't and some had to cancel bookings already made.
    I shall holiday for them all!!
    Cheers guys. xx jazzy

  5. It couldn't happen a second time!! Could it?? - no, seriously, you have your neighbours there - go away and enjoy yourselves. Soak up all that sun and forget about everything for two weeks!


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