Scamp Update: The Hound from Hell!

I Thought I'd do an update on our mad, unruly, Hound-Dog Scamp! He truly is a handful and while it's fair to say he has calmed down somewhat since last summer he ain't no Blogdog.... that's for sure! There's no amount of money that would pay for training him at this stage!

The last time I wrote about him was here.... recounting the sorry tail (!) of when he had a large portion of his ear bitten off ( see other post under "Scamp" if this link doesn't work.) He has now fully recovered and you wouldn't even notice that he's missing some of his gorgeous ear. BrayVet did a great job!

Scamp can still be a little hyper at times. Especially when he's in the house. He won't settle and he can't stay still and be petted.... or get his photo taken !

He begs to come in......

......... and then runs mad around the place when he gets in! Please excuse the state of the garden...haven't got around to fixing that up yet! Hey, we're not that long back home yet!

Then, when my back is turned, he INSISTS on sitting where he's NOT allowed.......

Please?? Just for 5 minutes? I'll be good..... pwomise!!

Oh, alright then. It's the ONLY time he behaves in the house.

He loves his comfort outside too. He also loves to sunbathe. Here's his favourite, most comfortable position.......

Of course, as soon as my back is turned he sits here..........

"Get Down Scampy!!"

He also LOVES his walks. And there are lovely places to walk around here. We're 5 mins from a stoney beach (via a lovely, leafy, country lane) which is right beside a park. I can let him off the lead now. He comes back to me for treats. He knows the rules..... I call him........ he runs back to me.......

....and I say "Good Boy" ...... and then he waits til I say the magic word....."TREAT".... and he immediately receives his treat! So, it's kinda Doggie ABA....if you like! There's no recorded data though!

Sometimes we go further afield and he travels in the boot of the car......

He has no problem with this now. Everytime we open the boot...... or the car doors.... in he jumps!

In fact, ahem........ anytime ANY car door/boot is open, in he jumps!! He still goes M.I.A. a bit. Especially there in January when the Painters were inside the house and the Builder was outside doing the patio, we simply could not contain Scamp ! So he kept getting away. He jumped into the builders car one day with his extremely mucky paws! Builder had barely opened his door and in Scamp got! He also got into a couple of neighbour's houses and was up the stairs and in their bedrooms.... mucky paws and all!! God, I was so embarrassed! They understood.... kind of!

The funniest thing though, was when he got as far as the local recycling Plant which is a good distance away. And, as you know there are lots of cars at these plants..... with their carboots wide open!! Yeah, you guessed it .... Scamp was trying to get into all the cars!! "Walkies please"!! Thankfully, there was a very nice man in charge who rang our house CONSTANTLY til the painter friend of mine answered and arranged to go collect the dog!!

There are some very nice dog-friendly people about so we've been very lucky. He ran off again last week and was found by a dog-lover (who minds dogs when you're away.... hmmm that's handy, I got his number!!!) and he reckons Scamp is a Beagle/ Harrier mix . We'd thought he was a Beagle/ Foxhound mix. Well, I googled Harrier. I know the markings are different.... Scamp has very little Tan colour in him... but facially they're very similar. Don't you think?

Scamp eats everything.... still. It's a nightmare, I can't leave him alone for a second. Here's a selection of his recent feasts.......

Yep.... I caught him eating the battery out of my mobile phone..... Snuggles pocket- money.... one of a pair of slippers from Santa, and... a cuddly toy!! I was very upset about the cuddly toy actually. It was part of a 21st present I got, many moons ago! He was called George and is of great sentimental value to me.

You see, George became our show mascot for the many shows we did throughout the years. It became absolutely mandatory for every female dancer ( the boys weren't allowed!) to kiss George before we went on stage! Woe betide anyone who didn't! It became a tradition. In fact, you could say George was kind of famous! And now he's missing an ear..... a paw and both his eyes. How sad!!

Scamp is kind of a Dumb Dog, really. I mean he actually tries to catch Bees and Wasps in his mouth!! He still eats poos.... and the glass door! He thinks he can bite his way through! And when that doesn't work he licks it.... softening it up so he can get in!! He's always trying to drink the sea water, he just NEVER learns.......

Then again..... he knows when it's walkies.... basically anytime he sees us put on our shoes or coats! He's also worked out when it's his dinner time.... and ours..... and that that's around the time he's allowed inside for a while, otherwise he scratches my new back door to pieces. He doesn't scratch it too much for the rest of the day ( when it's just me around.) And when it's dark out it's bedtime and he goes into his kennel....... for the night! Usually, that is! So, he's kinda clever..... for a Dumb Dog, that is! Doncha think??!

Also, he has very good Social Skills. And he nows how to initiate a conversation appropriately with another dog .........

........ if you catch my drift!

He's a very good natured dog. Very friendly towards people (too friendly sometimes!) and other dogs. He is not aggressive....... even now, after been attacked by those horrible dogs last year. In fact, he knows just what to do if another dog is aggressive with him. He simply..... "walks away"!! Well, he hasn't quite worked out how to "Tell an Adult" yet!!

He may be a Hound from Hell but..... he's OUR Hound from Hell!! Very much part of the family. xx J


  1. We really enjoyed that! Doggie ABA brillant!!

    We should let the dogs (and boys) have a run on that beach near you some day!!

    Clive and gang!

  2. I love this post. You are obviously so found of Scamp! He sounds like fun, never a boring moment with him...

    And a nice photo of him and Snuggles on the sofa, they both look so totally angelic...?

  3. wat a lovely tail u tell....
    I love Scamp...he is a well as a wee terror.....great post

  4. what a lovely tale!

    I actually look out for safe dog walks for Boo all the time because it means I can let him off the lead! How are the scooping levels on that walk though? Always a problem when you have a young fella that likes to ramble!

  5. Great idea Blogdog...that could be fun!

    Angelic you say Nan P....more like butter wouldn't melt!

    Would ya look at who just dropped by..... Sesame!! Welcome!!

    Scooping not 2 good around here Lisadom TBH.... some do and some of those that do leave presents of little black plastic bags on tree branches or in ditches. I just don't get that??

    Thanks so much for comments xx J (and Scamp!)

  6. Hi, I logged on today for the first time following lisadom's recommedation and have enjoyed reading. I am a mum of 3 living in Dublin, shortly moving to the sticks! My son 10 has Aspergers, I have 2 daughters too, 12 and 8.

    I enjoyed reading about ypur dog, we have no dog, just an arthritic antisocial cat, and a mad bunny and guinea pig.

    Also enjoyed your tips on Dublin, you might also enjoy the Chester Beatty Library/Museum, they have a really nice restaurant too, called the Silk Road Cafe.

  7. Hey Coffee..... welcome! Really good to meet you and thanks for comment.

    Sounds like you've got plenty of fodder to start a blog!

    Hmmm... Chester Beatty?? Just might do that and hav a look at the Book of Kells. You know, I worked right across the road from there for years and NEVER visited! Maybe it's time. xx J


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