Out and About in "Pre-Boom" Dublin Today......

Right. I'm fighting the urge real bad, and am resisting writing the post that's in me to write slating this Government and bemoaning our (public Servant) serious reduction in salary (€440pm, i.e. €110pw). It's extremely worrying. I'm on Career Break and can't get back, even if I wanted to (which I don't.....too busy with Snuggles) and currently have no services for him. How are we supposed to pay privately for them now?????
Anyway...nuff said! I am going to remain positive, and send positive vibes out there to the wild and wonderful Universe! All will be well! Somehow.
Whilst I'm with Hammie on banning the "r" word I'm stretching that further and banning the other "r" word....... "re...s...n"! From here on in it will be known as our "Pre-Boom" period! As suggested by our school's "Pre -Boom 2nd hand Book Fair". I LOVED that and held it back planning another post around it! These things are cyclical. Things will turn around. Not to the heady days of the Celtic Tiger...but that's no bad thing. That was too much. Too many people got greedy.
And so, to today. I planned a trip to the National Museum of Ireland in Kildare St. Snuggles likes History. He constantly asks me questions like: "what was it like in the caveman days or in the olden times...how did people cook ... what did they wear" etc, etc, etc. How old does the child think I am for Godsakes?!!! I was tiring of that so I thought I'd let him see for himself!
It was amazing! We saw the extremely long (2.5m I think?) dug-out canoe found in a bog in 1902 that was thousands of years old. We saw bodies, or parts of bodies, again found in bogs that dated from 400BC - 175 BC. The hair was intact! And fingernails...some teeth even! The preservative qualities of our boglands are truly amazing.
And it was free! No entrance fee! I was however, relieved of €15 in the giftshop! The little monkey! Although, he (kind of) agreed to pay something towards it from his "stash"!!
Then we strolled down Nassau St, as we were to meet Mr Jazzy at the bottom of Grafton St after work. Gosh, that was a stroll down Memory Lane for me! I used to work in Setanta Centre.... above Kilkenny Design... in the 1980's. Income Tax at that time was up to 70% for high earners at the height of things! In the era when our then Taoiseach Charlie Haughey told us to tighten our belts ( as he lived the high life) the low-middle waged paid tax at 65% on a salary of €15,000pa!! But you see....that eventually proved to be our "Pre-Boom" era also!
We then paid a quick visit to Marks & Spencers, where I bought some clothes for my Mother's 70th Birthday gathering which will be on 26th April. If her mental health holds out that is (I haven't told her I've booked anything yet, to ensure she stays well!) No bargains there though....hmmm. Everything full price. Cop on M & S! Maybe we should start "naming and shaming"?!!
Then we met a lucky ( I hope!) Leprechaun at the bottom of Grafton St! Threw 50c into the hat for the luxury of taking a photo!

And we saw the Molly Malone statue dubbed the "Tart with the Cart"!! No charge here! That was presented to the city in 1988!! Oh my..... I'm older than I thought!!

Then we headed to Thunder Road Cafe for Tea! Nice treat after busy day.

Unexpected bargain to be had here! Good EarlyBird special! 2 course meal for €13.95 with free glass of wine! And as Mr jazzy doesn't drink wine, guess who got his glass? Yup...me!! This day just keeps getting better!

And then we rode off into the night.........

......... Nah, we got the Dart home! But that's a WHOLE other story! (This is not the place to disclose the conversation we overheard....believe me!)

I think the label "Rambling Ruminations" is DEFINITELY a good fit for this post!!!!

Night night!! xx J


  1. Do you think if I drive up to the Wicklow Gap and dig up some bog mud it will preserve me? hey, we just need to stick it in jars and set up a stand in Brown Thomas jazzy, Big fishtank full of mud as our merchandising concept, what ya reckon, can I cut you in for 33%?
    (ps. At least the DCA and Respite grant were left alone, for now)

  2. BTW, that leprechaun is the scariest thing I've seen outside of a circus!

  3. Are you following us around town?? We thought about a photo at those leprechuans the other day also but Clive didn't think much of them and was threatening to bark!

    The Collins Barracks Museum is another great museum - great army display there at the moment - if tanks and army gear are of interest!

    A Happy Easter to you all
    little man's mum

  4. What a great idea Lisadom! Just what this country needs....great start up ideas! Count me in for sure!

    And yes, I thought the Leprachaun looked scary too! A cross between a clown and a Macra creation I thought but Snuggles wanted his pic taken! Don't blame you wanting to bark Clive!!

    Yeah Blogdog....a day earlier and we'd have met!! Hey similar posts....great minds and all that!!
    Was thinking of the Barracks too.... I think he'd like it alright. Next time!

    A very Happy Easter to you both! xx J

  5. I agree with you Jazzy, the "re...s...n" word should be banned. It's tough enough as it is!

    There is a little Italian place around the corner from where I live, where they do lovely open "Italian sandwitches", salads, BRILLIANT desserts, very nice coffees (lots of different types), and serve wine also. A couple of weeks ago a sign appeared on the door:

    "This is a GLOOM & DOOM" free zone. The following words are not allowed inside:

    - Gloom & Doom
    - Recession
    - Credit Crunch
    - Newry"

    I laughted out loud when I 1st saw it!

  6. Nice one...nan P! V. funny. Bet they have specials on too!
    Happy easter to u 2! xx J


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