Happy 70th Birthday Mam!!

Yes.....She made it!! And here's the proof!

My strong words last Wednesday obviously did the trick. There's definitely a lesson there for me too. The nurses helped by saying the same to her. I rang her EVERY day to re-inforce the "lesson".

I had a bit of a mad weekend getting things organised for Sunday, but I got there. I collected her at 11.30 am. The nurses had her looking lovely. They'd washed and blow-dried her hair , painted her nails and dressed her in the clothes I'd brought in to her on Saturday.

So, we went to mass first. That was fun. I'd Snuggles on one side of me wanting to go to the toilet just before the Priest came out! He was as giddy and chatty as hell, i.e. Bored!! "How many minutes left Mum..... How many minutes left Mum.... How many....." you get the picture!! Meanwhile herself was snoring on the other side of me!! Then, when it came to the part where my dad's name was to be mentioned I had to keep poking her awake whilst shushing Snuggles ( "What's his name Mum....What's his name mum....what's etc etc"!!- he doesn't remember him) Gaawwwdd!!! And then of course, the Priest never mentions my dad at all!! After all that!

Like I say........ fun!

But, we lit a candle and the nice young Priest apologised and said he'd do it at the evening Mass. Problem sorted.

We got to the Barracuda Restaurant, very early so we had a cup of tea while waiting for the others to arrive. When my mam is well she eats CONSTANTLY, so she asked the waiter for something to eat with the cuppa! I persuaded her not to as we'd be having a 4 course lunch soon ...... or at least I thought I had persuaded her. When I came back from the loo there she was snaffling half a packet of biccies she had stashed away in her handbag!! Mortification!! Here she is too busy munching to smile!.......

I was caught trying to hide the evidence by the very nice, and extremely helpful, Manager!! he told me not to be worrying and that he'd have given her a scone!

By this stage I'd told her exactly who'd be coming as I knew she could now handle it. She was delighted! Her sister and her best friend for years (in pink top) came along .......

Sorry photo's a bit blurred .... my camera's acting up on me. Anyway, her friend P shares the same Birthday with her. She'll be 76 this Thursday and celebrated it the previous night..... so she had a bit of a hangover and wasn't drinking wine!! EVER AGAIN!! Sound familiar??!!. She's a real character and SO independant. She still drives, babysits her Grandchildren and goes to weekly classes. She's a great artist and makes wonderful jewellery. She made my mam a lovely necklace from fabulous beads, for her Birthday. They were presented in a handmade gift box with a handmade birthday card. She's an amazing woman ..... and great fun! She'd lots of one liners. Her best one was announcing to the whole group that her fabulous Chocolate Brownie dessert was "good for your sex life"!! It's a pity she lives so far away because shes' a good influence for my mam.

Her two friends from home came along too, representing her friends in the Local Ladies Club.

They brought some lovely presents for her too. Soon the whole group was there, we kept it small so no stress .............

My two cousins, Godchild and sister-in-law completed the group.

Everyone made a complete fuss of her and she got lots of pressies. Mostly clothes. That need name tags sewn on them. Guess who gets that lovely job??!!

And as for Snuggles? He was a great boy ...... very well behaved in the restaurant. Sure he had company.......

........ the same company he'll have in Legoland!! I am SO looking forward to that! xx J
P.S. I'll do that tag next Blogdog.... didn't want to put it in this post!


  1. I'm so glad the day worked out well and that your Mum had a good time. I was actually lying in bed last night wondering if it all went off okay so its great to get such a fast report!

    It sounds like everyone and especially your Mum had a great day. You can really look forward to Legoland now!

    Don't worry about the tag - they are for doing when and if you have the time!

    I'm really pleased your Mum's day went off so well. Well done to everyone but most especially to you for organising and handling it all!

    - the little man's mum

  2. wishing your mother many happy returns. she seems like a real character! glad to see everyone had such a great time.
    hope that you and snuggles have a great time in Legoland.

  3. Glad it went so well, and that your Mum enjoyed the day. Most importantly you seem to have enjoyed it too... or is it just the expression of relief on your part? I hope not!

    I hope you don't mind, but I laugh at your description of the "church scene" - you made it come to life, a true film script.

  4. Give you a giggle; My nana in her final years (senile dementia) used to steal from all the other ladies who lived in the home. My sisters (bless them) would visit her and ask her why she never wore all the lovely outfits in Her wardrobe "oh they are just for special occasions she would say"

    Legoland here you come!

  5. Thanks Clive... you're so good to think of us! We all really enjoyed it.

    Thanks 3laine. She's a character alright.... a real "nortsoider"!!

    Definitely a big sigh of relief on the day Nan P but enjoyed it too. So glad you laughed....it was meant to be funny!

    They're gas aren't they Lisadom??! I'd say ur nana was a character too! Some wander around "stealing" in my mams home too....drives her mad!! u know I could get a whole post on the characters in that nursing home!. Hmmmm....now there's an idea!

    And yes.... Legoland here I come indeed! Can't wait! xx J

  6. Fantastic delighted it went so well & MummyJazz was so thrilled. Love the bit about scoffing biccies - class - made me laugh.

    anyway some nice memories from her 70th for you all xx

  7. delighted it went well jazz...sounds like a fun day out was had by all...am laffin here at how u described the mass with snuggles one side and ur ma the other....can picture it...enjoy legoland....

  8. Thanks Gruffalomum and Sesame.

    Her actual birthday was today so went back to the Barracuda for a quick lunch. The manager was there and slagged me about the biccies!!

    I'll never live it down! xx J


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