My Brave Little Soldier.

Poor Snuggles has been unwell since the weekend so he's been home sick from school all week.

Hard for him to be home 'cos we basically had to stay upstairs as builder, painter etc worked downstairs. Front and back doors constantly open so tried to keep him as warm as possible. Of course BLOODY NTL let us down badly! Cable TV gone Sunday night/Monday morning so no E.R. and no toons. Then it went again ALL DAY Tuesday! Grrrrrrr. came back just in time for Desperate Houswives! See, there IS a God!!

Anyway, I digress. Snuggles had his hosp appointment for his MCUG on Monday but he was up in the night coughing and finding it hard to breathe...A bit asthmatic I think. A bit scary too! So I ran into the Doc's at 8.50am with the intention of going straight to Tallaght Hosp for 10.20am appt! What was I thinking?! Sure the cough was distressing enough without bringing him in for tube up the willy! Doctor said to leave it, so I did.

He had consultants appt today so we squeezed the MCUG appt in at 11.30am and went to see the famous Prof Puri at 1.10am.

Needless to say, we were both dreading it. He started to get upset on the table. Nurse only numbing the area. He kept saying "I'm not ready". So, we gave him little breaks. I'd practised breathing and relaxing with him. Now that he has such good communication skills etc. This was something that was impossible to do when he was 4...the first time he had this done.

The nurse didn't warn him about the tube going in.....she thought it best as he was panicking. I usually mention the "A" word but I didn't bother as I don't really need to anymore. So, her plan could have gone very badly wrong! He was really starting to scream when I realised what she was doing. I stressed the breathing and in 30 secs tube was in! So it worked...he was a little mad at me after though for not telling him it was going in!!

They faxed the results up to the Prof. and off we trotted. I'd been given heads up on the results but the Prof officially gave us the wonderful news!! NO MORE KIDNEY REFLUX!!!!!!! Yay! We're so delighted!! Now, the kidney is still badly scarred and can never be repaired but it can't be further damaged by reflux!!

Six-monthly visits to the Prof, til he's 18 I think AND , the most important bit: NO MORE TUBE UP THE WILLY! No more nightly antibiotic either...after 4 years of it. That's gotta be good news! One more week of it (because of todays procedure) then that's it. Happy days!

Snuggles had a hard time going to the loo ever since. In fact he only went a short while ago. It stung him each time he tried so he had to stop. Lots of tears. Very upsetting. He eventually went and he's gone to bed so happy with himself....for being such a brave little soldier.


  1. So glad of the good news and of no more horrible tube - it sounds Horrendous!!! Well done to Snuggles! I hope he soon gets over the cold, etc...

    As for you, no ER, and almost missing Desperate Housewives... oh my god! To think ER is in its last season is very sad, I reared my kids through it ;-)

    ok, I'm sad, I know.

  2. Oh poor little man-eey!
    Ouch, even I can imagine how awful that must have been.
    Glad you dont have to worry about it so much anymore and Happy New Year!

  3. Poor Snuggles..end result good tho..we have all the favourite programmes recorded for when the telly not in action..cos could not do without "coming soon on the CITV channel"...

    hope Snuggles back in top form soon...rehearsals comin on well i hope...

  4. Thanks for all your good wishes for Snuggles. He's back on his feet again. Literally....dancing away at Panto rehearsals! Doing quite well actually.

    No Nan P, you're not sad at all! I've missed the 1st 2 weeks of ER...I'll have to watch it on another channel!

    Thanks Hammie....from the other side of the world! Or are you back yet? Happy New Year to you too!

    Oh Sesame, if I only I could get my act together and figure out the recordable DVD player!! On my long list of things to do! XXX J


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