Home Sweet Home

We finally made it home on Friday 19th! Just in time for Christmas. Have no floors, no doors, no chairs or table. Have a kick-ass new kitchen though! AND I got the Christmas tree up last night! AND some decorations! Bit pathetic actually, but it feels good! NOW, I'm starting to feel a little bit Christmassy. Just a little!

So it's been a rough few months.

The rains came on August 16th and destroyed all of our downstairs.

Then they put really noisy machinery (a De-Humidifier and 3 large Fans) in to dry out all our houses. For 6 weeks!

So noisy and dusty that we had to move. Most of the families moved. But we moved to the House of Horrors!! I swear to God anything that could go wrong there did...... deserves a post all to itself! Believe me. Even Snuggles saying at the end....."What a shithole!" Oops....... no idea where he heard that! He did say it discreetly....and only in the house. Couldn't give out ..... (well, not too much anyway!) he was right!

But then along came Bob the Builder....to help with building our new extention, and replastering etc, etc in main house. Here they are on about Day 2.

So, over 3/4 months our house was rebuilt! With a little help of course ..... even Grandpa got in on the act!

So now our extention is built.

(This is the room being built in the above pic!)

We have a lovely new galley kitchen.

Well, I love it anyway! It's certainly better that before!

So, after a busy and extremely stressful weekend we're home. I mean, I had to start the move on Friday on my own! Mr Jazzy on his work Xmas party from 2.30 that day! Priorities, priorities! I moved me , Snuggles, dog, kennel (with help from our very obliging builder!) food and clothes! We both did the rest on Saturday...plus a cleanup of the Horrible House of Horrors (cue creepy, scary music!) Then we had Snuggles hyper 9th Football ( Yes....I said FOOTBALL!) birthday party on Sunday! My little baby was nine yesterday, can't believe it!Phew!!! Mad! And it will be hectic for some time to come.

But ....... by God does it feel good to be home. Snuggles happy little face on Friday. "Ooh.... I'm so glad we're home mum" he said. I was on the stairs phoning for takeaway food and suddenly felt so emotional.... nearly in tears. Happy tears...of course!

D'ya know, we really don't appreciate what we have til it's ruined....taken away from us. All my neighbours (18 houses got flooded that day) are saying the same. We all just wanted to get back home. Really makes you appreciate your home. Been a very stressful few months, but ...... oh, it's SO good to be home.


  1. Don't mind the lack of floors, doors, etc, you are Home, Sweet Home, and just on time for Christmas too!

    Enjoy your re-newed little nest, and your super-duper kitchen. And I hope that you can take it easy for the next few days, it sounds as if you deserve it!

    And of course, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Snuggles :-)

  2. Happy Festivus Jazzy, and Welcome Home!
    Enjoy the newness and cherish.

  3. We move a lot, so home is less a place, and more a state of mind when I feel settled. The place I've been living in for the last 18 months doesn't feel like home, for instance, but certain places I've called home from the second I walked through the door.

    Anyway, glad you finally got back home. Those floods were awful. Your new additions to the house look great, so hope you get to enjoy them! Visiting from blog gems.

  4. Wow that must have been such a difficult time for you. I am sure it makes you appreciate your home even more. We were flooded only a couple months after we finished decorating our new house, but luckily it wasn't too deep and a water sucking hoover and a dehumidifier dried us out in a day or so. We only needed to replace the downstairs carpets thankfully. The drive home from work not knowing how bad it was after we got a phonecall is something I never want to repeat.

    I came here via the Blog Gems.

  5. Wow. What a horrible thing to go through! I'm glad you kept such a positive attitude through it all!

  6. I love reading your blog gems Jazzy because they really are new to me :) You've mentioned the great flood before, but now I know the full story - glad it all ended well, and may it never ever happen again!

  7. @SPECTRUMMYMUMMY: I can understand that...our rented house definitely didn't feel like home! Yes, I STILL to this day, cherish our refurbished home. I LOVE our extension, never tire of it. Thanks for visiting :-)

    @KELLY: It's awful, isn't it? the damage it can do. we only got about 4 inches but it took 6 weeks to dry it out and the walls were pared back to the block up to 3 feet. There was foul water too. It was seriously yuck! Thanks for visiting :-)

    @APPLES AND AUTOBOTS: It was the only way to get through it all! It really was very emotional coming home...I was just so happy to be home :-) Thank you for visiting too :-)

    @BLUE SKY: Oh please God it never will! I was only blogging a couple of months when I wrote this....glad they're all new to you :-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Hi Jazzy

    Having your house flooded must be horrible and so stressful, but I love your kitchen and the extension.

    Happy Birthday for 2mrw, hope you have a great day.

    Mossy Mu

  9. Truly a love story!


  10. Yes, I am totally with you on the horrors of flooded houses (having had one myself....and living in Brisbane in the land of Oz).
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting and following.
    I have very happily followed you in return!


  11. @MOSSY MU: Thank you Mossy for the comment and the birthday wishes :-)

    @THEREXTRAS:You'd better believe it!

    @TRISH: You've had serious floods! You so know what it's like. Awful to see it happening right in front of you.
    Thanks for return visit and BIG thanks for following back :-)

    xx Jazzy

  12. Wow..what an awful adventure. This was before I knew of you in the blogosphere! I'm so happy that it is a thing of the past..AND that you have a lovely kitchen..there IS nothing like home. :)


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