Everything is Just Fabulous.....

I don't mean to go on and on about it, but it REALLY is good to be home! Well, maybe I do mean to go on about it! But you can't blame me! So hard to imagine what it would be like to watch your house get ruined, then have to up sticks, move and refurbish. Then again it IS only a house and at the end of the day no-one was hurt. Thank God.

O.K., here's the things that have struck me as I end my first week back home..................

Last night I had a long soak in a hot bath with an even longer cold glass of white wine! Bliss!! Haven't had a bath in 4 months! And before you say anything I did of course shower in the intervening time! Not very pleasant though in the H.H. of H (Horrible House of Horrors) There were 2 old fashioned showers, neither of which worked properly. The walk in shower was totally unreliable. Water was cold most of the time. Until the Plumber came to look at it....oh yeah, THEN it decided to work! Typical! The other shower was just hard to get the heat level of the water right. And it leaked! So last night's bath was just fabulous!

I'm sitting in my sitting room which used to be a long room. We've divided the room so we have one sitting room and the dining room part is (or will be!) a computer/playroom.

So, there I am sitting in one of my very salubrious (and posh!!) recliner chairs. In a fabulous shade of red with black trim. Aren't they just fabulous?? Not!! But they soon will be!

Have my farty little Christmas Tree up and some decorations! Walls plastered, cheap carpet on floor and no curtains up. Carpet cost €80 from Des Kelly's. Sorry, now known as M.Kelly Interiors. How's that for posh? Not dealing with muck here! Anyways, I'm sitting there looking around the room with a smile on my face! I mean, it's a mess but I can see the walls painted, probably a cream shade, my red curtains with gold swirls back up and my new 3 + 1 seater black leather chairs. And of course my wooden floor down. Can't wait! It will be just fabulous.

Then I go into my new kitchen and the smile on my face gets bigger! I constantly clean the new black granite work top til it gleams! I don't mind cooking now....hated cooking in the H.H. of H ( always felt it was dirty and there was no room). Snuggles even trying more new foods. Most kids on the Autistic Spectrum have limited menus and Snuggles is no different. He had 1 weetabix this morning. In a bowl WITH milk. Wow! First time he's had that since he was 18 mths old! This is BIG news 'cos breakfast is such a problem, especially on school mornings. And he had home-made chicken nuggets this evening!! Fabulous!

But the biggest new addition to my fabulous kitchen is a fabulous dishwasher! We never had room for one before, but now we have a slimline one. And I love it! I can't wait to fill it up every evening just so I can turn it on! Don't have enough dishes though so will have to buy more. Just to be able to use my dishwasher!! Note to self though: MAKE SURE MR JAZZY KNOWS HOW TO USE IT TOO! Otherwise I'll be left to do it all! But don't worry...I'm NOT turning into a Stepford wife!! The novelty will soon wear off!

Then I go into our extension, a 16ft sq room that will be a dining/ TV room. At this stage I'm like the proverbial Cheshire Cat! I'm practically laughing at this stage I feel so thrilled!! Again, as you can see, it's a mess. But, as I sit in our new crescent shaped 4 seater ( black leather again!) looking at our new plasma TV I'm deliriously happy! Even though the sofa is still in it's wrapper and I keep sliding off it! But, it will all be fixed. Soon. By the end of January. I hope! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!

There are two glitches though. No. 1: The Dog! Back garden is like Beirut! Patio not even started yet, but it'll be done soon ( have to have a bit of an argument over cost with the builder 1st though!). Have to chain the dog 'cos he keeps scratching our fabulous new 12ftwide glass back door! Well, it did cost €7000 so I'm entitled to be a bit precious about it! He's scratched it a bit already. I did have him in once or twice and he wasn't too badly behaved so we'll see how it goes. Then there's always Petsafe.

No.2 is the fireplace. It's old and I wanted to use the flood as an excuse to get rid of it, and have Insurance cover it! But Mr J not having any of it! He's too honest! The problem is, the builder and plumber set a fire in it to burn off excess water in the system as we got a new boiler. The heat gouged out some holes in the marble. It looks awful. Builder willing to replace that bit but sure that'll be impossible. I've now decided to check out a new one , builder can go halves. Think I have Mr J on board. Such a shame to spend all this money on the house and the 1st thing you see in the room is the crappy fireplace! But, you see, it's also a timing issue. Floorman coming to lay floors in the 3 rooms on 5th January AND we HAVE to get our furniture back from storage that week! And, MORE money going out!!

Fix That!!

But, this flood has changed me. Just like having a child with ASD has changed me. There have been SO many issues over the last few months and they've all gotten sorted. So too will these minor issues. I've definitely become more positive and am less stressed about things. I still get stressed but I'm learning!

Everything will be just fabulous! Just wait and see.....

Home Sweet Home

We finally made it home on Friday 19th! Just in time for Christmas. Have no floors, no doors, no chairs or table. Have a kick-ass new kitchen though! AND I got the Christmas tree up last night! AND some decorations! Bit pathetic actually, but it feels good! NOW, I'm starting to feel a little bit Christmassy. Just a little!

So it's been a rough few months.

The rains came on August 16th and destroyed all of our downstairs.

Then they put really noisy machinery (a De-Humidifier and 3 large Fans) in to dry out all our houses. For 6 weeks!

So noisy and dusty that we had to move. Most of the families moved. But we moved to the House of Horrors!! I swear to God anything that could go wrong there did...... deserves a post all to itself! Believe me. Even Snuggles saying at the end....."What a shithole!" Oops....... no idea where he heard that! He did say it discreetly....and only in the house. Couldn't give out ..... (well, not too much anyway!) he was right!

But then along came Bob the Builder....to help with building our new extention, and replastering etc, etc in main house. Here they are on about Day 2.

So, over 3/4 months our house was rebuilt! With a little help of course ..... even Grandpa got in on the act!

So now our extention is built.

(This is the room being built in the above pic!)

We have a lovely new galley kitchen.

Well, I love it anyway! It's certainly better that before!

So, after a busy and extremely stressful weekend we're home. I mean, I had to start the move on Friday on my own! Mr Jazzy on his work Xmas party from 2.30 that day! Priorities, priorities! I moved me , Snuggles, dog, kennel (with help from our very obliging builder!) food and clothes! We both did the rest on Saturday...plus a cleanup of the Horrible House of Horrors (cue creepy, scary music!) Then we had Snuggles hyper 9th Football ( Yes....I said FOOTBALL!) birthday party on Sunday! My little baby was nine yesterday, can't believe it!Phew!!! Mad! And it will be hectic for some time to come.

But ....... by God does it feel good to be home. Snuggles happy little face on Friday. "Ooh.... I'm so glad we're home mum" he said. I was on the stairs phoning for takeaway food and suddenly felt so emotional.... nearly in tears. Happy tears...of course!

D'ya know, we really don't appreciate what we have til it's ruined....taken away from us. All my neighbours (18 houses got flooded that day) are saying the same. We all just wanted to get back home. Really makes you appreciate your home. Been a very stressful few months, but ...... oh, it's SO good to be home.