Scamp's Tail of Woe!

'Ere 'ere....come hEAR poor old Scamp's story.

Well, that's all the obvious jokes outa the way! I'm more in mood of a little joke about it now.

As you can see Scamp has hurt his ear. Badly. Scamp, who is very aptly named, came into our lives 2 years ago. He was found by a neighbour when he was 6 months old. We took him in for the night. Snuggles fell in love with him. We fed him and made him a bed and he promptly fell asleep.

His owner came for him a couple of hours later and there were LOTS of tears and screams when he had to go. The owner said she was finding him hard work and might be giving him up. Whilst slightly hearing the alarm bells they were kinda drowned out by the tears!

Two weeks later she rang and it was now or never. She WARNED me he was hyper.

Now let me make it clear that I am not a dog lover. I don't fawn all over him etc. But I do believe a child should, if it's possible, have the experience of having a dog. Both myself and Mr Jazzy did so I reckoned it was Snug's turn.

Hence Scamp came home...again. And again. And again. He has a knack of running away!

No Assistance Dog is he. Oh, no. It's more like a hyper dog for a hyper child! Mind you both have calmed down considerably since.

here's a happier pic of him....

Like all men he enjoys his comforts!

And he knows how to wrap us around his little paw! Notice the perfect ears?

But he's not spoiled. He's NOT allowed in the house as he's eaten his way through half our furniture. The flooding got the rest!

Anyway, he's always getting away but, he usually comes back for me. He can't get out of our garden but as the builders moved in he moved out. To our rented house. He KEEPS escaping from this garden despite how much we block up his escape route. He can go for hours.

Last Wednesday...Mad Wednesday....he did it again. As soon as I left the house to begin the heavy afternoon with Snuggles. We'd only started the Social Skills class when I got the phone call. From an itinerant "gentleman" who informed me he had my dog. He was bleeding a lot and was missing some of his ear. He got into a dog fight. Scamp? Fight? Couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag him. He'd mind the dog til I got there. He said he'd meet me at a bus stop.....just along from the Travellers Camp! Only then did I realise! Knew there was something wrong. His parting words? "Hope there's something in it for me"

So Snugs and I legged it from class. Rang Mr Jazz ,of course had just enough credit to do so. I wanted him to ring ahead to the vet. Yes, I was going to meet this pavee...WITH MY CHILD IN THE problems. Not very good at hearing alarm bells me!

Hubby went mad, needless to say! Got his Garda pal onto it. So the Gardai rescued Scamp. They went there in twos cos even they won't go in alone! they said the pavee's might have lured Scamp in and set up the fight. Then pretend to be the good guys to get some mulah.

We got Scamp to vet for his operation and got him home that night. I went out for dinner with a friend and got home at 12...with half a bottle of vino in me! Poor dog was whimpering. Couldn't cope with plastic collar so couldn't even lie down. I took it off and he slept on the couch. Beside me. All night!

The next morning I put the collar back on and he thrashed about so much that he got the collar AND the bandage off. Blood splatters everywhere. Couldn't sort it. Hubby had just left. Snugs due in school PRONTO. So I got dog into the boot and Snuggles in back seat. Snugs went into the school all by himself......minus his schoolbag!.....and I went to the Vet! What a couple of days I tell ya!

Home with sick child after HIS op last week, now home with sick dog? Both of them on Antibiotics??!! Pure madness!

Things a bit calmer now. Bandage will come off on Monday so we'll see the damage. It's so awful. His ears are so cute. But, he's getting lots of cuddles as you can see!

Blogies next.....I pwomise!

What A Girl Likes.....

Thanks Hammie for making me think about things I like....which in turn makes me feel good. Particularly after a crap day. Or a hectic couple of weeks and things getting on top of you.

My Fav Clothes Shop:

Gotta be New Look (Snap Sesame!) For something different...especially in reasonable prices. Love a good bargain me! Also like Dorothy Perkins . Also, nothing wrong with good old Dunnes Stores!

My Fav Furniture Shop:

Should have clarified in the above that shopping...dare I admit this??? NOT my forte. It scares me. All that choosing and stuff. Currently in the middle of shopping for new furniture, flooring, bathroom, kitchen etc, etc. Due to our flooded house! Most people LOVE this. Me, I run scared.

Walked into RightPrice Tiles and Lucretia tiles and freaked at all the choices!! So I just now ask "The Man". "The Man" is wonderful and helps me make choices! Most shops have one of these and it helps greatly.

No favourite here I'm afraid.

After that confession I'll probably lose the two followers I have!!!

My Fav Sweet

Has to be M & S ooey gooey chocolate caramels.....from the fridge. Mmmmmmm. Delish!

That said I'm a real carbs gal. Unfortunately I love my crisps etc.

My Fav Drink

Oh, a loooong cold glass of white wine...Vina Sol or Pinot Grigio. If only I could leave it at just the one!

I also like Vodka (snap eile Sesame!) and slimline white (to make up for all the crisps!)

Non-alcholic when in pub would be Ballygowan Sparkling water with a dash of blackcurrant.

My Fav City

Well, it's more my fav place rather than city. Gotta be Clonea Strand/Gold Coast hotel and beach in Dungarvan Co. Waterford.

My Fav Music

Oh that's hard. I like such a mixture. While I like a lot of the modern stuff ( showing my age here!) it's usually individual songs, wouldn't even know name of artist. I love anything with a good dancing beat. Always listening out for dance numbers for shows....particularly for panto. Has to interest the kids so that keeps me young!

I do like Christina Aguilera, Madonna (old stuff and SOMe new) some kylie, Lionel Ritchie, Gloria Estefan. Must youtube Step Up 2 stuff. On my lengthy to-do-list!

My Fav T.V Series.

While I love Desperate Housewives..... roll on next Tuesday for start of next series! I'm making sure NO panto rehearsals, meetings etc on Tuesday nights! I never watch re-runs. I do, however watch re-runs of SATC. So I guess SATC wins!

My Fav Film

Fav oldie would be "Some Like it Hot".

No absolute favourite but I LOVE Dance movies! Gonna check out Step Up and Mama Mia. Can't believe I haven't seen that yet! Saw Stage show in London in Feb so I know that's gonna be a DVD I' must have!

Favourite musical films would be "All that Jazz" and "Chicago"

My Fav Workout

Well, what do ya think.......It's gotta be dancing! it's hard thinking of the steps but once I do and I'm teaching them it's great. Particularly when it works out and the kids like it. Nothing like a 2 or 3 hour dance rehearsal to keep you fit I can tell you! If only I could keep away from the crisps!

I also go to Curves which I enjoy.

My Fav Pastry

Homemade Berry Scone from the new coffee shop, Cafe Solo here in Shankill.

My fav dessert would be good old Profitteroles.

My Fav Coffee

Yuck...hate the stuff! A final "snap" there Sesame!

But I do LOVE Hot Chocolate.

Oh I really enjoyed this post! Did you notice I put some links in there....and a random photo??? I'm learning! Hope the links work now.

I know I have to tag some more people but I don't got no-one....yet! I'll get to it.

Passing on the Blogies' gotta be my next Blog task. I'll get to that too