Summer Days Out: Powerscourt Waterfall

So, we're half way through the long summer holidays here in Ireland and I'm conscious of the fact that I'm running out of time to attend to this year's 'Summer Bucket List of things to do'; much less blog about them. Oh, I have been a naughty blogger. And a bit of a lazy mum. But, in my defense, the weather gods have completely confused the seasons, or are utterly ignoring us, and are not bestowing upon us the required sunshine and summery inspiration.

Time to ignore the weather gods then; just make our plans, pack accordingly and off we go. One trip a week, to get an outdoor-loving teenager out of his indoor haven and into wild outdoors. Among other smaller weekly activities and household chores, of course.

Reasons to be Cheerful : Holiday Return Delights #R2BC

I cannot tell you how many weeks I have promised myself - and others - that this was the week I would list the moments that brought some joy into my life.

I am very lucky, every week there's lots of little things to make me smile, and sometimes there are some big things too. Finding the time to blog has been a tad challenging though!

However it seems that this really is the week I'm going to do a 'Reasons to be Cheerful' post. Well, the week I'm going to start one at least -  on screen as opposed to just in my head. For a change.

Let's see how that goes then ....

Right so, I'll  kick this off with the really big thing. Which may also explain yet another one of my many blogging absences of late.

We've just returned from a family holiday in Portugal! That's a good start, right?! It was really lovely; a heady mix  of sun lounging, rest, relaxation and busy sight-seeing days. With wine liberally flowing in between, naturally. I hope to share more of this trip with you soon.

But the best part of this holiday? Apart from the many beautiful sights to behold? The one thing that put a really big grin on my mush?

'Up There for Dancing'...... and Blogging.

I've had nothing to write about for the past while. Well, nothing I thought would be of interest, that is. Either to me, or to you. I even wondered if perhaps I was done blogging?

I could of course have regaled you with my recent flurry of friend meet-ups. You see, while I may not have been active on social media sites of late I have been very busy partaking in real life social events. It's been quite the mix of catching up with friends from all walks of my life thus far. From a school pal to more local ones, from ex-work colleagues to my show pals, a family party and a blogger meet-up with Looking For Blue Sky and Bright Side of Life! There was even a recent sneaky five-day, bi-generational, trip to Lanzarote, for heaven's sake! A total of nine very mindful and alert septuagenarian mothers and their daughters. Sadly, due to circumstances I was the lone daughter. That aside, it's been so much fun.

My friends are important to me though and it's not always appropriate to share. So, what would it take to get me back to the world of blogging then?

Surprisingly enough it's Angela Rippon, the former newscaster, dancer and presenter of the original - before it went all 'Strictly' - 'Come Dancing', who has turned out to be my catalyst.

I watched her programme The Truth About Dementia on BBC1 last night. This is never an easy documentary subject to watch; especially not straight after your visit to a loved-one affected by this disease. However, the usual sad stories aside, I was hooked.

All Abuzz at Drone Expo Ireland 2016

It's been two weeks since this midlife, stay-at-home-mum/blogger was plucked from the comfort of a lazy Sunday afternoon in her own home, and deposited at this techie event in the RDS, Dublin.

Well I thought it was something that was bound to be of interest to my techie teenager you see, and we'd all do absolutely anything to get them out and about. Right?

Besides, they were bound to have a coffee dock/tea station where I could base myself - content with cuppa, book and phone - while my son went to explore all things drone-like. Weren't they?

At least that was the vague plan I had in mind.

But there was - if you'll pardon the pun - a distinct buzz in the air as soon as we arrived at this event. Which enticed me to have a quick glance around first, before I settled into a quiet little corner.

The first thing we saw, and heard, was a small drone in flight. In demonstration of it's tininess and durability.... and it's puchasability too. Naturally since tempting children, teenagers and techie adults to part with their dosh was the sole purpose! It was quite cool though.....

Easter Sunday Centenary Parade:1916/2016

This Easter Sunday dawned much like most others in bygone years, and eras. Lovely sunshine infused with the coldness of a fresh spring-time air.

Yet this Easter Sunday in Ireland was very different to most. It was one hundred years ago to the time of year - given that Easter falls on different dates each year - that a band of patriotic Irish men and women took up arms and a strong stance against British rule. And they stormed the G.P.O. (General Post Office) in O'Connell Street, Dublin's main and very beautiful thoroughfare; known as Sackville Street back then. And so the Easter Rising 1916 began. Note: The 1916 Rising was planned for Easter Sunday but due to the capturing of arms en route from Germany it was cancelled, a decision was then taken to go ahead on Easter Monday, the actual date being April 24th 1916. There will be more commemorations on that date.

Home Alone and Happy Thoughts on St Patrick's Day #R2BC

In many ways my St Patrick's Day started off like most other days of the week. Well, maybe more like a weekend day that's been plonked in the middle of the week. Which it was. And thankfully it was without the early morning alarm. From my phone that is. My internal body clock early morning alarm is a whole other story!

It turned out to be a good peaceful day all round, but it was to differ from previous years. I had no idea how it was going to go though; or who would be doing what, and where, and when.

It started with..........

The Beach Walk

An almost deserted beach with the tide out is very much a rarity around here, so I take it as a wonderfully positive omen that I happened upon just that yesterday morning, of all days.

February Musical Theatre Treats.........

Anyone who knows me knows that dancing and musical theatre are integral parts of my DNA. I also love blogging, so I thought I might try to combine these interests a little; to carve out a little niche here to share the enjoyment of the shows I have the pleasure in attending. These will be honest and supportive reviews from me, with no mean-spirited utterances! The years may have made a picky attendee of me but I am also very easily entertained, and I always appreciate the massive efforts that Musical Societies put into their productions. 

February to April/May is one of the amateur musical seasons here - and I use the term 'amateur' very loosely - so I'll hopefully be a little busy being entertained in the coming weeks! I particularly appreciate amateur groups who bring whole communities of like-minded people together, and I consider them equally as important as sporting groups for the team spirit and self-esteem virtues they promote.

A little late I know but here's what entertained me in February: